Online Dating: How to quickly spot men just looking for sex online

Are you tired of meeting men online who are just interested in sex? Do you want to find a good man? Who doesn’t? I’ve been there and done that. It took me a decade to figure it out. Don’t be like me. Save yourself ten years. Stop wasting time on these players and memorize these 10 Deal Breakers.

Deal Breaker #1: He will be adamant about seeing your selfie.
He will send you a sexy selfie. He will either be shirtless or sweaty. He will say, “I sent you mine, now send me yours.” Yuck, what a turnoff! If you don’t send him a selfie, he will annoy you until you do. He wants to make sure that you are do-able otherwise he’s wasting his precious fishing time. Notice I said do-able, not date-able. Do you really want to be a part of this? Save your dignity and pic for a good guy. This punk will lose interest and disappear if you don’t send a pic. Good riddance.

Deal Breaker #2: He will try to get your cell number quickly and skip the online dating chat app.
He is trying to speed things up drastically. He wants a fast pace so he can call you, meet you and seduce you. He wants to seal the deal as quickly as possible and move onto his next conquest. Some men will only see you as a notch in their belt. Don’t be the notch. You need to move slow and steady so you can build a relationship before giving your number out. If he’s impatient, persistent or aggressive, he is not your man.

Deal Breaker #3: He called you Tina when your name is Karen. Hell no!
He is obviously playing the field and you are only one pawn in his game. Think about it. Do you want to be one out of eight pawns or his one and only queen like Queen B? I think I know the answer. If he can’t even remember your name, you are definitely NOT his queen. Nor do you want to be this chump’s queen. Find yourself a real man, a good guy.

Deal Breaker #4: He only calls you late at night.
Yas, Drake knows all about that “hotline bling” and you should too! Don’t answer that booty call!!! That’s exactly what it is. Don’t kid yourself. He thinks you are not important enough for him to pursue during the day. Only when the good girls are sleeping, he contacts you. If you respond to his late night calls, he will think you are game. He can fool around with you with no strings attached. He’s testing you. Are you are booty call material or dating material? It’s your call.

Deal Breaker #5: He shows up very late and drunk or does not show up at all.
He wants to see you after a night of clubbing when he’s drunk because he didn’t end up hooking up with a girl at the club so now he’s heading to your house. You are Plan B because Plan A didn’t work out. Do you want to be his second choice? Or a man’s first and only choice? If he doesn’t show up at all, Plan A actually worked out. He left with a girl from the club and slept with her instead of you. Isn’t that just lovely?

Deal Breaker #6: He only wants to come to your place. He is not wining and dining you.
This broke ass fool is trying to skip all the formalities and romancing to get straight onto your memory foam. Forget that nonsense. He has to win you over. Going back to your place on the first few dates is not an option. The longer you make him wait, the more time he has to fall in love with you. The quicker you sleep with him, the quicker he’ll run for the hills. Dangle that carrot ladies. When was grandma ever wrong?

Deal Breaker #7: He won’t add you to any of his social media or introduce you to his friends.
That’s because he is playing the field and sleeping around. He does not want to let you into his life. He’s not serious about you. He might be serious about a girl on Facebook or in his life but that’s not you. He doesn’t even want you to be one of his 200 Facebook friends. That says it all.

Deal Breaker #8: His words do not match his actions.
He says, “You could be my girlfriend” but then doesn’t call for days. Is that how you treat a girlfriend? He will say anything you want to hear. He is playing the field and is hoping one desperate, online girl will fall for his ploys. I know, I know, he had you at the magic word “girlfriend.” As soon as you bite the hook, he goes in for the kill and then falls off the face of the earth unless you are willing to gratify him without any strings. He will keep taking advantage of you until you put a stop to it. He knows he has 2 years before you expect any kind of commitment from him.

Deal Breaker #9: He’s absolutely gorgeous and loves you already!
He’s tall, dark and handsome, a perfect 10. He’s so charming and says he’s in love with you already. You haven’t even met in person yet. This is all fun and games to him. You are swept off your feet by his charm and can’t believe it. Don’t believe it! Don’t be that girl. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. You say, “It’s just like a romantic comedy.” Really?

Deal Breaker #10: It’s like a Romantic Comedy.
Sorry to break the news to you but Hollywood is not real life. That shit doesn’t happen! Once he gets into your pants, he will disappear. You are not starring in “Friends with Benefits.” You are not Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) is NOT falling in love with you! You are not chubby Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) and two gorgeous men (Colin Firth and Hugh Grant) are NOT fighting over you!!! Hollywood is truly messing with our heads. Some women wait their whole lives for their Knight in Shining Armour just like an American romance. It’s heartbreaking. Just date the nice guy. Date the guy who wants to go bowling, picnicking, hiking, dining, cycling or camping with you. He’s the real deal! He genuinely likes you, respects you and wants to spend time with you. Forget the mysterious, handsome bad boy that you don’t understand.

There you have it ladies!!! The Top 10 Deal Breakers!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!