Oral vs. Vaginal Sex: Which Sex is Safer?

oral sex There has always been a debate about oral sex versus vaginal sex. Some people tend to place oral sex in a category all its own and do not consider it a sexual act. However how safe is oral sex compared to vaginal sex? Are you considered safe against STDs? While many people believe so, it’s not the case. Sadly, despite what many people think oral sex also puts you at risk for contracting a disease.

Just because you aren’t having genital to genital contact doesn’t mean you are not at risk of contracting a STD/STI. Using your mouth on the genital area also poses a threat. For example, some STDs are asymptomatic and do not show any visible signs. Your partner may not even know he has a disease, which puts you at risk of contracting one if you have unprotected oral sex. When you use your mouth to perform oral sex, you are potentially giving STDs access to your internal system and infect you.

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Some people think vaginal sex is riskier because of unwanted pregnancies and also the fact that there is genital to genital contact. However, oral sex also introduces body fluids into the equation just the same as vaginal sex. So in the end you have the same chances to contract a nasty infection you aren’t prepared to deal with.

Regardless of whether it’s vaginal, oral, or anal sex, all these sexual activities can and do pose a health risk if you are not practicing safe sex. The only “safe” way to enjoy sexual activities with your partner is with protection. This may mean using a non-lubricated condom or dental dam to perform oral sex. It also means using a condom (male or female) when having sex as well. Unless your partner has been monogamous with you or has been tested recently, do not risk your health and have unprotected sex with him. The only other way to know you fully safe is to practice abstinence. It’s not ideal and sometimes unrealistic but it’s the only guaranteed way you are sure you are protecting yourself.

It’s extremely important to educate yourself and your partner when it comes to sex and all its different forms. If you are engaging in any activity where bodily fluids are involved, you have a risk of contracting a STD or STI. Always remember that just because your partner tells you he’s clean it doesn’t mean anything without the test results to prove it. You need to also make sure you are disease free as well. If you are a sexually active person, it is ideal to get tested at least every six months. If you have a lot of partners, you may need to get tested more than that.

Being in the know about your sexual health will allow you to apply your knowledge and practice proper and safe sex techniques. Don’t depend on your partner to know everything. Keep yourself informed and know the risks that come up if you engaged in any sexual activity with someone new.