Pay the Cost to Be the Boss: Does a Woman’s Success Negatively Affect a Man’s Self-Esteem?

Women success affect relationships

Whether or not your success will have a negative impact on your relationship or the man in your life’s ego will greatly depend on the man as well as how you are in your relationship. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that finding a man who is not negatively affected may be tougher than you think. What you may want to ask yourself is whether or not your man is really ok with your success.

Professional psychologists have stated that the success of the female professionally may lead to her romantic failure.

It is an ego think. The more successful a woman is in the business world the more difficult it is for her to be successful in love. Studies say that the male ego is sore when a woman is more successful than he is. A lot of women were clueless that there was even a problem until it was too late.

Staying focused is important. Losing sight of things in the day to day is easy when you have obtained higher levels of success. Sometimes that means losing sight of the people in your life too. Make sure this is not the problem before you go any farther, because sometimes the work that has to be done lies within.

Sadly, successful women have enough to worry about romantically, like finding someone genuinely in it for them. They have to often second guess who their friends really are, and these ladies oftentimes feel very lone. To find out their career, their livelihood, further alienates them can be a real blow.

What can you do to balance the scales again?

Never gloat about your success, and never talk bout work when it is meant to be your time. Sure, celebrate big accomplishments and go to the dinner parties, but never let that take precedence over date night or family night when at all possible.

Knowing how to separate the two is essential, and this means getting all the way out of business mode into wife, girlfriend or mom mode. You simply cannot remain in “Ms. Jones” mode t home, or it will become intimidating, and you never want to handle your loved ones like an employee.

If you feel a rift becoming an issue it is vital to get counseling right away. You do not want to ignore it, and it is not going away. Even very successful men can suffer from this inferiority complex. Oftentimes it becomes about competition in these cases. In other cases it is old fashioned gender role views.

The worst thing you can do is feeling like it can’t happen to your family.

The second worst thing you can do is quit to satisfy him. You will end up resentful, and that is disastrous to a relationship. You have to work through it, and often times a professional will be required.

It is vital that your partner know that you see. Let him know that you love him and respect him. Take the time to offer up compliments and do nice things for him too. Never lose sight of the fact that when the kids are grown up and have moved away and retirement comes he will be the one there for you. Make sure he knows that he is appreciated.

After all of the sacrificed years of labor and long hours, make sure you haven’t taken from the one who will be there for you in the end. If you are keeping the balance then you cannot do anything to change another person’s feelings or views. You can get the help of a professional, but aside of that, only if he is willing to adjust his views and accept your success will it ever work.