Physical Activity: Overcome The Things That Stop You From Exercising

things to keep in your gym bag

Just yesterday, you were so pumped to start that new workout. The only things that stopped you from actually doing it were the chores around the house, that work deadline and the catastrophe of your kids running and screaming around the house. So, today is a new day. You will run that mile you said you were going to run a week ago. You will get on that elliptical at the gym. Except, wait, did your gym membership expire last month? Or does it even still exist? Oh, and remember that other deadline you have?

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The fact of the matter is that you will always find excuses to not exercise. Sure, you have every intention in the world to get fit and toned and to lose that extra weight, but actually buckling down and committing to a workout routine is a whole other story. How do you overcome it? How do you get into the “fitness crazy” that is reaching across the nation? Successfully completing your first workout is easier than you think; you just have to be willing to do it.

Getting in the Swing of Things

Once you start working out, it really will become addicting. A day without a workout will seem wasted. However, if you start off with the idea that you are going to run six miles for the first time since high school that is a setup for disaster. Start off easy. Instead of an hour on the stair climber, try 20 minutes. Replace running the first three miles with interval sprints. Take on only what you can handle and do not wear your body out. A bad first workout spells out defeat. It can scar you and cause you to never go back to the gym. Be sure to take it slow at first and train your way up the ladder. Not only will you not want to die, but you will also feel more confident and happy with your progress.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

This morning, it seemed liked a beautiful day to run around the park. Over the course of the day, though, the sun slowly crept away, allowing the dark clouds to roll in. Now, that run is a distant thing of the future. Do not let weather keep you from getting that run in. Unless there is a monsoon going on outside, put on some old workout clothes, suck it up, and start that run. Really, though, running in the rain is one of the most freeing things you can do. Take the opportunity instead of turning it down. Is it steaming hot? Think of how great you will look with all that sweat pouring down your face and on your body. Whatever the case may be, do not let weather deter you from working out.

Not Enough Time

Excuses are excuses. There may not be a solid hour you can take out of your day to exercise. However, there are quite a few ten minute breaks that add up to that hour. Take the stairs. Do ab workouts on the floor. Grab some arm weights at home. Do not let time keep you from your much-needed exercise time.

Working out can seem like a daunting task. Don’t let it be something that you dread. Approach exercise with a positive attitude and pretty soon, it will be a bad thing if you do not work out!