Picking, Poking and Popping: What Popping Pimples Does To Your Skin


It almost never fails for some of us, we have a big day planned, and suddenly from the mirror here is this huge zit, taunting us to pop it. Without a doubt they show up at the most inopportune times.

So, should you resist the urge to give it a little squeeze?
The answer is yes!

There is never a good time to pop a pimple. This is very comparable to having a small bag of toxic oils, bacteria and debris then spilling it all underneath the skin once it is no longer contained in the bag. Once you have punctured the bag it is no longer containing the toxins, and they can go into other pores hence causing them to become infected as well. There you have it, more pimples. Popping pimples can also lead to the antibiotic resistant staph infection called MERCER (MRSA) or another nasty infection called cellulitis neither of which is something that you want to deal with.

The last thing you need is a serious infection, staph or scarring that could become unlike any you’ve ever imagined. Don’t believe me? Google it. Plus, MRSA is highly contagious. You would be surprised at how often we come into contact with it. Getting this bug into an open wound on your face, not good.

Permanent scarring is something that comes along with picking. Some are surface and other scars look deeper. I have notices personally that as you age the scarring becomes more prominent. This means even though you do not see any scars at 22 does not mean that they won’t be very visibe at 42. Damages done do not always present themselves immediately. Let the zit live out its lifespan of around 3 days to a week. That is better than carrying permanent scars.

Sometimes temptation gets the best of us, and we feel we have to remove that pesky zit from the tip of our nose. If this is the case then do not pop too early. It should have a fir

If at all possible you should opt for the makeup option. If you can cover it up with makeup then do that. You can get a noncomedogenic cover up meaning that it will not block your pores. Remember, less is more. The goal is to remove redness. You are not going to flatten it out, and the more you try making it “invisible” the more visible it becomes. Just a dab of concealer and loose powder should do the trick nicely.

Picking, poking and popping only leads to inflammation, infection am white head on it. You must wash your hands well before and after the procedure as well as clean the area of the zit with alcohol before and after the procedure. It is best to wrap the fingers you are using to pop with tissue. Hold a sterilized pin parallel to the skin’s surface, and just pick gently the tip of the white center. Give it a gentle squeeze. If it don’t come out easily then stop and wait longer. Clean the area thoroughly. Apply a bacterial ointment like neosporin after alcohol.nd possible scarring. If you think it’s bad now just wait until you see the consequences of trying to do a self removal of the zit, not to mention the scab that will follow, Try covering that up with a little concealer. It is not happening. Try leaving it alone, use makeup to cover it when you go out and benzoyl peroxide to clean it when you are in. Your skin will thank you for it, and your zit will be gone in no time.