Pros and Cons of Shellac Nails

A shellac manicure is where the new type of shellac nail polish is used; the nail polish is meant to last longer and it has a stunning finish. The shellac nail polish is like gel nail polish but it is better than the gel manicure. The shellac manicure can be done at home once you know how to apply the top and base coat and dry it under the LED or UV nail lamp. Shellac manicure has become popular over the year because it looks freshly done almost all the time and it is gorgeous. Shellac colors are diversified giving one a wide range of colors to choose from.

How is a shellac manicure done?

All you need is a UV nail lamp and a steady hand; also have the shellac top coat, base coat and colors. The only difference of the shellac nail polish and the regular nail polish is the use of UV lamp for curing.

The process begins by preparing the cuticles and nails then proceed to apply the shellac base coat. The application should be done a millimeter from the cuticles then cure the nails leaving the base coat slightly tacky. Apply the shellac colors and for it to last long ensure you leave a millimeter around the edges a millimeter of untouched base coat at the bottom and at the top. The cure using the UV lamp a second time and apply the top coat, ensure it covers the base coat fully and since it protects the manicure it should be done carefully and then place it under the UV lamp for it to completely dry.

Pros of shellac nails

1. It is semi-permanent and it lasts for about 14 to 21 days, this depending on the pressure put on your nails daily. It is better than acrylic nail polish.
2. The removal of gel nail polish is more stressing and scratching or peeling removes the gel nail polish with the delicate top nail layers leaving the nails dry and unhealthy. The shellac nail polish which is semi-permanent is easily removed with a special solvent and an electric nail file. Scrape off the polish in under 20 minutes. This can be done at a nail spa.
3. When compared to gel nail manicure the shellac nail manicure gives your nails a more natural look especially if it is professionally and cautiously done. The shellac is more polished and fine with different shades of colors which gives a quite range of colors to choose from.
4. Shellac is quick and easy to apply and with the LED nail lamp it will take just 20 minutes and the nails are done.
5. The shellac can be done at home and is easily applied like your usual nail polish. So shellac can be done at home once you learn how to properly do it. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to do it perfectly.
6. The shellac has a shiny glossy finish making your nails pop. They also offer a wide range of colors but most people seem to go for the white shellac nail polish.

Cons of shellac

1. During the shellac application process the length of the nails will not change that much. So it is advisable to obtain the desired length before application. Also, the shellac does not strengthen the nails if you have long nails they are still prone to breakage. It is good to take minerals and vitamins for healthy nails.
2. The removal of the nail polish is done using a chemical solvent and which could cause harm to the skin and the nails. Even if the remover is specifically designed for shellac it still poses some risk but consider using a natural nail polish remover.
3. Experts recommend the use of LED nail lamps instead of UV nail lamps to avoid the development of some age spots. It is recommended to apply sunscreen before the application of the polish.
4. It is very important to let your nails rest for some days in between applications. If the removal and application is done on the same day the durability of shellac is shortened and the new coat can start peeling after 4 days. Using cuticle oil daily keeps the nails from drying.
5. Most people say the use of shellac should be left for special occasions only.
6. If you are that person who loves changing their nail polish color from time to time the shellac might not be the best option for you, or you limit your polish color to shades that look more neutral and can match any outfit, mood and occasion.