Really Girl! Do Birth Control Pills Make You Fat?

We’ve all heard the dreaded rumor that birth control pills can make us gain the pounds. However, is this just an urban myth or is there some truth behind it? We’ve all heard the stories from our friends who are on birth control. Many believe they are gained an exponential amount of weight while on the pill and warn you to stay far away from it if don’t want to get fat. As with all medication, there are some side effects that may accompany your birth control.

With that being said, keep reading to get some of the facts straight and to decide if the Pill is the right choice for you.

  • Fact 1: Women on the Pill can experience an increase in appetite. For women who initially begin the Pill, they may experience an increase in appetite. This is due to the ingredient, progesterone. So if you do experience an increase in appetite, you will notice that you have gained a few pounds, especially if you don’t lead a very active lifestyle. It should also be said that once your body adjusts to the medication, you shouldn’t be gaining an extra weight.
  • Fact 2: The Pill can make you retain water. On the days you are feeling fat or kind of chubby, you may be retaining water. The water retention is due to the estrogen that’s found in the Pill. However the retention does subside after you’ve been on it for a few months. So if you do notice any “weight gain” it’s probably just your body holding onto to water.
  • Fact 3: You have lifestyle changes along with taking the Pill. Some younger women begin taking birth control just as their lifestyles change. This means late nights, alcoholic beverages and so forth. Also some women start taking birth control because they’ve entered a relationship. Again, another lifestyle change. Think about all the times you’ve started a new relationship, all the dinner dates and large portions of food you ingested, definitely a contributing factor for weight gain.
  • Fact 4: Each pill contains different ingredients. Some birth control pills contain supplements while others can contain a higher dosage of estrogen or other hormonal ingredients. If you are worried about weight gain and/or the side effects of birth control, your best bet is to go to your doctor and speak to her about your concerns. You will then be able to choose which birth control pill is ideal for you.
  • Fact 5: Your diet and exercise routine play a huge part in whether or not you lose or gain weight. As we age, our metabolism begins to slow down and our once tight, sexy body might start to gain some extra inches. Instead of blaming the Pill on your weight gain, try to change up what you eat. Instead of drinking sugary drinks, carry around a bottle of water. Also make sure to keep an active lifestyle where you get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity. It doesn’t have to strenuous or daunting, just going out for a brisk walk can help. Make it even more fun and bring a friend or two to work out.
  • Fact 6: Women who do find themselves gaining a large amount of weight may be the exception to the rule. If your friend has gained an abnormal amount of weight while on the Pill, she can be a special case, or she just picked the wrong form of birth control. Just because it happened to one person doesn’t mean that it will happen to you. Again, just make sure you speak with your doctor to determine if the Pill is the correct form of birth control for you.