Reasons to Give Up on Men and Become a Lesbian

If you are a bisexual woman you may find yourself wondering if you should just exclude men from the picture and just become a full lesbian. Now both parties have their pros and cons but you’ve been finding yourself getting less and less attracted to men for a numerable amount of reasons. You may find yourself exhausted trying to maintain a relationship with a man while it can be a breeze for you to be in one with a woman.

Believe me, it’s not a weird thing to have these feelings. In fact, there are plenty of bisexual women who constantly contemplate about giving up on men and becoming a lesbian. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and just do it!

Keep reading to find some reasons to give up on men and become a lesbian:

  1. Guys are just too high maintenance for you. You may find dealing a man’s needs more exhausting because you don’t understand them as well as you understand a woman’s needs. If you find yourself rolling your eyes every time he tries to express why he’s angry with you, time to move on girl. The amount of stress trying to figure it all out may not be worth it.
  2. Women know your body just as well as you do. Tired of sexual encounters where you have to teach your guy how to love your body? Or perhaps all your most memorable sexual experiences have been with women. Whatever your reasoning is, the bottom line is that a woman knows how to satisfy another woman.
  3. You’ll have zero chances of getting pregnant. This may not be the most optimal reason for becoming a full lesbian, but it’s definitely nice to know that you have a surprise pregnancy while being a relationship with another woman. Then you’ll just have to worry about protecting yourself from STDs not STDS and pregnancy.
  4. You generally find women to be the more attractive sex. You love yourself a good looking man but you always seem to find yourself more attracted to women. Or you find yourself grossed out by a man’s lack of cleanliness or grooming habits. I mean, there’s no reason why the bathtub should have a black ring around it. Yuck!
  5. Other women will understand why it takes you so long to get ready. You gotta look good and that takes time. Ask a man to wait an hour and a half and he can’t even fathom why it takes you do long to get ready. He’ll groan and moan you take too long. Ask a woman to wait that long and she’ll spend the time primping herself as well. Another bonus? She’s more helpful when it comes to picking out outfits and shoes.
  6. A woman understands you better emotionally. Not to say that men are not complex creatures. However, many men think of things in a rational and logical manner as opposed to women who can be more empathetic and understand why you feel the way you do emotionally. There’s less of a chance of black and white and more shades of grey.
  7. You prefer a woman’s genital area. It’s a science to master the penis. You already know the situation of a female’s anatomy but having to know all the nuances of how to pleasure a man just gets you stressed. Let’s just say the penis is a hassle you don’t want to deal with the majority of the time. It also should be stated you think a vagina is prettier than a penis. Even the word sounds prettier to you.