Relationship Killers: Why revealing too much to single friends can be detrimental to your relationship

Friends can be the best but they can also be the worst. If you jump from one relationship to another, they think something’s wrong with you. Unbeknownst to you, your best friends may be messing your relationships up without your notice.

“They’re a hoe. They just want to sleep around and they don’t look good anyways so forget them they’re not worth it.”

How many times have you heard any of those phrases uttered by one or more of your supposed besties? Jealously and malice are veiled attempts to be better than you and anyone can be a backstabber when it comes to love.

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Friends tend to give a few common reasons as to why they think your new flame isn’t going to work out. They think your date isn’t good enough or constantly want your attention. They talk about your past relationships in front of your new flame, and there are some friends who will encourage you to cheat.

Some will ignore you once you have a new lover or even flirt with that new person. Friends can even go as far as to disrespect your partner and speak ill of you to them when you’re not around.

Another thing to be careful of is friends of the opposite sex who won’t stop flirting with you when you have a new flame and/or when that new flame is around. The ones you have to be truly careful of are the ones who know too much.



If you’ve ever seen Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that friends can actively try to ruin your relationship. Therefore, you have to properly manage your friendships.

Don’t forget about plans with your new flame for your friends. Your friends should be encouraging you and cheering you on, they’re only supposed to want the best for you and to see you happy. If they’re not respecting your partner and you allow it, you’re in trouble. Again, your friends are supposed to help protect your relationship, not destroy what you have.

Some friends don’t see the harm in flirting even if you’re in a relationship, so make sure to surround yourself with friends that have similar morals and values. Confiding in your friends more than your partner, especially if you’re married, is not recommended because big decisions should be made with your partner.

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If your friends know everything, you’re asking for them to spill something to your partner. Some things should be kept just between the two of you, however if you’re in an abusive relationship talking to a trusted friend is extremely important.

Don’t let others determine your future. If people don’t respect your relationship, then you shouldn’t keep people like that around. Choose to be around those who are there for you without trying to replace your partner. Friendship should be able to coexist properly without compromising your relationship with your partner.