Relax Babe! What to do when he’s threatened by sex toys

It’s a fact that just has to be faced, it’s hard for some women to orgasm during intercourse. Sometimes, a woman just can’t cum unless she has a vibrator on herself. Now before you go getting all, “why’s me?” you should read on.

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Some men will be all for using sex toys with you, but some may hesitate or just flat-out refuse because they feel like they can’t compete. It’s got nothing to do with the guy, but rather that some women need an intense, focused stimulation in order to cum. The kind that hands, fingers, tongues and penis’ just cannot provide.  Guys, there’s no need to be a jerk about it. Again, it’s got nothing to do with you. Ask her to show you how to use it, or simply just how to hold it and where to apply the pressure so you can start giving her orgasms. See the toys as a tool, not a threat.

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Remember gents, if being with you means going without orgasms during sex then she probably won’t remain with such an insecure man who refuses to do what she needs in order to get her off. She will find someone else, have no doubt about that.

That’s just how it is, some women need vibrators to get them off. This is because most women’s clitoral tissues are inside of her body, the exposed part of the clit is just the tip, kind of like the head of a penis. Gents, imagine the shaft of your penis was buried inside of your body … you may need a vibrator to get off if that were the case, too. You might then need a tool that could stimulate your shaft through the layers of muscle and fat.

This has been a played-out problem since the 1990’s and there really is no excuse for freaking out anymore. Especially with RealTouch on the market, the new sex toy for men. It’s self-lubricating and self-heating and somehow stimulates the sensation of vaginas, butts and mouths. It can be plugged into your computer and synced with pornography clips. This allows the toy to speed up, slow down, grip and whatever else you’re watching on screen.

It’s doubtful it will make all of your fantasies come true, but it does bring us one step closer to the sexbot Howard Wollowitz was striving for in The Big Bang Theory. To be clear, I’m not vouching for the RealTouch, I don’t have a penis so I haven’t tried it, but I am vouching for trying toys with your partner. Exploring together helps to create stronger bonds.