Retirement Party Ideas – A Guide to Retirement Party Planning

planning a retirement party idea

I don’t think there is a soul in this world that is not looking forward to that day when they will be able to retire. Once and for all they can forget completely about deadlines, following orders, delegating and late night hours at the office. The retirement party is much like a wedding. It celebrates the ending of a way of life, and the beginning of a whole other phase. The individual’s accomplishments of a lifetime of professional success is definitely cause for celebration, as is recognizing all of the years of hard work and loyal dedication. That is a perfect blend of circumstances to warrant throwing a party!

Where to begin planning

Start with the central piece of this event – the guest of honor. Keep the following things in mind while you are overseeing the events planning.

  • What kind career or job did he or she have?
  • What are his or her hobbies?
  • What will he or she be doing after he/she retires?

Think about the more practical aspects of the party.

  • What budget do you have for the party?
  • What time of the year will the party be held?
  • How much time do you have to organize this party?

This will give you a better picture about how to choose the other elements of the party.

Choosing the theme of the party

The theme party should reflect the retiree’s past accomplishments in his or her career as well as the future life style they have chosen to explore. Also, you may want to consider a fun theme reflecting one of the retiree’s hobbies or interests. When you are choosing a theme consider the fact that this will also be reflected in the cake, food, drinks, location, decorations, the music and the dress code. That is just to name a few things. It basically comes down to even the most minute details if you want to accomplish hosting a well-orchestrated event.

Who are your guests?

The retirement party will be an event where you will want to mix the family and close friends with colleagues from work. Sometimes you will want to invite former colleagues from other jobs as well as the associates with who he or she interacted outside of the company, like salespeople, advertising company etc.

Make sure you mention on the invites if they are allowed to bring spouses or children. If you have children at the party you may want to hire a babysitter and arrange a children’s corner.

What about location?

Location can be anything from your backyard to a fancy restaurant. Location must be chosen accordingly to your theme party, your guest number and mostly your budget.

Having a party at home can surely boost your budget, allowing you to spend more in other areas of the party but will mean a greater effort from your part to organize everything. And over all, with all the decorations and foods and drinks, it’s not such a great reduction. You may want to consider the fact that is more important for you to enjoy the party and be with the family, even if the cost a little bit higher.

Focus on the future and keep in touch

A retirement doesn’t necessary have to mean saying good bye forever to all those people who are part of your life. Make sure you keep in touch by providing your new contact information. Also you can take advantage from today technology and set up a social media account to stay in touch with all of your friends.

The retirement is a wonderful and unique event in someone’s life. Celebrate it properly!