Retirement Party Ideas for Teacher

Retirement is a life changing experience. For some is a bitter sweet one, others waits for all their lives this period and they couldn’t be happier.

Planning a retirement party for a teacher is no easy task. You have to live up to the task of honoring a person who shaped and influenced the life of hundreds of students. The party must be appropriate for this occasion and for the role that this teacher played in your life.

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Location: The best location for acknowledging a teacher careers is right there: at the school. This is the place most dear and close to the heart of a teacher. The best time to hold the party is after school because in this way all the teachers can attend as well as some other friends of the retiree. Don’t forget to talk to your principal before and have his permission to organize this party.


The subject your teacher thought theme. You can decorate the room with posters and images from the subject your teacher thought. Also you can also play a game involving that subject. Also you can use the blackboard to write all kinds of messages to honor the teacher in question.

Personal theme. You can ask every participant student to write a note about how this teacher has changed his life and then read it out loud. Make a scrap book after with all these notes and give it to your teacher as a gift, it will be most cherished.

Try to craft all the decorations yourself or at least to personalize them as much as you can. This would give your teacher a sense of how much it means to you and how much you wanted everything to be perfect.

Food: The food must be your teacher’s favorite. Ask around if you don’t have this information.

Gifts: Something that has to do with the subject that is teaching, maybe a special book about it or an magazine subscription. Also a trophy with the name and the photograph of the teacher and with a personal inscription like “the best teacher” or “our favorite teacher” is appropriate.

You can arrange with someone to film the entire party and make CD for everyone present, including the retiree. This will make a fine memory over the years.

A retirement party for a teacher is a very emotional moment for the retiree and must symbolize the respect, the appreciation and the gratitude that you all feel for your teacher. It was an important person in your life and it will always be like that, almost like a parent, make sure that her/him is feeling that.