Seven Nail Salon Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Nail salons are a fantastic place for you to take some time to pamper yourself and glam yourself up. However, you must be aware of nail salon red flags. While we wish all nail salons were sterile and safe environment, sometimes this isn’t always the case. If you are deciding to try a new place out to get your nails done, there are a few signs you should look for to determine whether or not this is an acceptable salon for you to get your nails done. The last thing you want is an ugly fungal infection on your nails!

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Here are seven nail salon red flags you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. Stations and waiting area are dirty. If you enter a nail salon and find a decrepit couch awaiting you to take a seat, it definitely is a bad sign. Nail salons are supposed to be kept tidy and clean, with a waiting area that entices you to stay. Another sign that not much cleaning is happening? Old magazines. If you see stacks and stacks of fashion magazines dating back two to three years, someone isn’t doing their job.
  2. Technicians are using an improper gel/acrylic nail removal. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but have you ever seen a nail technician use some sort of credit card to actually pry fake nails off? Not only is it extremely damaging to your nail, it’s the absolutely wrong way to remove them. Fake nails, gel or acrylic should be soaked off your natural nail in remover. So the next time you go to a salon and they attempt to take off our tips with a credit card, refuse the method and find a new place.
  3. The salon has a pet. It doesn’t happen often but there are salons that do have a “mascot” of sorts. While the pet may be the most adorable looking animal in the world, they are not meant for a nail salon. Not only is it not safe for the pet (think of all the fumes and machinery) it’s also inconsiderate for those who are allergic. I know if I’m allergic to dogs or cats I wouldn’t want to spend my relaxation time with one around.
  4. Incorrect sterilization of tools. If you see technicians only rinsing off their tools and not properly sanitizing them, it doesn’t bode well. The lack of sterilization of disinfecting of tools can and most likely will result in horrible fungus infections.
  5. The nail polishes look old. I’m sure you’ve seen it at some salons or even with some polishes of your own. The pigments begin to separate and settle. While it’s bound to happen with the amount of polishes a salon has, if you see dozens, it’s a sign that they do not take the time to observe and retire older polishes. Older polishes also mean a higher chance of your manicure chipping the same day you got them, and who wants to waste money on that?
  6. The scent of the chemicals is so strong you can barely breathe. A nail salon deals with many types of chemicals, from the acetone to the nail glue, so these fumes must be properly ventilated. If you find yourself having trouble to breathe, then it’s a sign that the place isn’t properly ventilated.
  7. You cannot see technician licenses. It’s far and few but there may be some places where they hire technicians who have not yet earned their license. Not only is it illegal, it’s also dangerous as well. You don’t want to have someone working with equipment who has not been professional approved.