Seven Ways He’ll Try to Get Out of Wearing a Condom

Wear a condom

It’s not uncommon for a man to try and get away with not wearing condom during a steamy romp session. If you have just begun dating your partner and are not a committed couple yet, don’t risk your health just so he can feel good. Make sure to lay out the rules before you two even reach the bedroom. This way, you both are thinking clearly and he already knows your boundaries. However don’t be surprised if he comes up with these excuses to get out of packaging his little friend.

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  1. He tells you he’s “clean.” To be frank, you don’t know what his standards of clean are. Don’t ditch the condom regardless of what he says. What most men don’t know is that many STDs are asymptomatic, which means they show no symptoms. So unless he has gotten tested the same time he stated dating you, it’s safe to assume that no one is clean.
  2. He tells you that you both don’t need it because you are on birth control. While you are doing the responsible thing and protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy, it still doesn’t protect you from venereal diseases. If he starts up before your horizontal tango, tell him that you are not comfortable with unprotected sex regardless of what birth control you’re taking. If he cares about your feelings, he’ll stop.
  3. He will try to sweet talk you. There are men who hope that you will not care about being responsible in the heat of the moment and abandon all reason. Don’t do it! Be safe and always keep some protection either in your purse or near your bed. He won’t be able to tell you it’ll waste time and ruin the mood if you are already prepared.
  4. He’ll tell you it feels “so much” better without it. An old excuse, but men still try. Try and have some really wild foreplay beforehand to keep him turned on. Also, with all the variations of condoms available today, you might be able to find one that will satisfy both your needs.
  5. He will just ask you bluntly if he can skip wrapping it up. Perhaps he thinks that if he’s blunt it’ll surprise you and you will go with the flow. However, you need to be strong with your decision and don’t waver. No condom, no sex.
  6. He’ll get angry and think you don’t trust him. Your guy might get frustrated while you keep saying no, but you may get frustrated at his insistency. If you find him getting angered that you keep turning down unprotected sex tell him it has nothing to do with him.
  7. He will tell you it doesn’t “fit” right. Believe it or not, many men will tell their partners this. Could he be telling the truth? Possibly, but in the end, this excuse is hogwash as well. With so many variations of condoms out on the market, there has to be one that will fit him perfectly.

Remember you are the one that needs to be comfortable with having unprotected sex. If you are not, then he’ll just have to wrap it up, regardless of how much he hates having to. Besides, a man who wants you as a partner will respect your wishes and will wait for you to be ready.