Sex on Skype – How To Make Skype Sex Less Awkward

How to make Skype sex less awkward

Reasons for having cyber-sex is a list that could go from England right across the ocean and maybe even end up in Africa, meaning it is non-ending in a way. There are millions of people who have already gone through this and are mastering the act as you are reading here so why not you as well. Whether your partner has had to go on a business trip or you met the love of your life on summer holiday and subsequently only get to see each other once a year there is nothing wrong with trying cyber-sex. It stands to be a fun event to try just for some sparkle in a relationship moreover just as something different and interesting.

There is however a few simple things to consider before embarking on this quest.

Firstly you need to have a detailed discussion with your partner to make sure that both of you agree on what each is willing to do. If this is your first time you could actually end up being more embarrassed than having fun.

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Make sure that you both agree on what will happen and what is not allowed during your sessions. Some people will be more comfortable with certain scenarios than others and if you are expected to perform an act that makes you uncomfortable the experience will not only be horrible but might resolve into making sure you are less likely to try it again.

You have to guarantee your privacy by locking the door unless you would like unwanted company while performing cyber-sex like your brother or sister walking in. If living with a roommate it might be beneficial to keep them in the loop as well as checking to see that they are okay for the time you will need the privacy, ensure that all curtains or blinds are closed as well.

Make sure that the view of your partner is not obstructed or furthermore drawn by objects around you, this is important as you want the attention to be on you not your surroundings. Dimming the lights and adding a few candles to the room will also set the mood as well as hide any unwanted objects in the background but do not make it so dark that you are also only a shadow. Here you will have to play around a bit to get the perfect lighting conditions furthermore it will also depend on your webcam’s capacity. Technology has come a long way in giving us quality but still has limits.

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Setting the right mood is very important and you should feel completely relaxed so have a glass of wine and take some deep breaths before you embark. It will also be wise to take precautions by assuring the room is a nice temperature as you do not want to be shivering or sweating unintentionally which could put your partner off.

Ensure that all your equipment is working the way they should and that you will have your hands free to use. You also do not have to jump right into it as feeling a bit scary is natural. Chat each other up a bit, play soft music in the background and get into the mood then let it flow naturally.

Starting slow and telling each other how you feel with each step will help ease your emotions a bit. If at any time you feel uncomfortable explain this to your partner and maybe for a while just chat again and have some more wine together in a sense of the word until you feel ready to move on. Taking it slow as you move along will help getting through the first time and then it only becomes about the fun.