Should I Stay Married For My Kids?

Should I stay married for my Kids?

Sometimes marriage isn’t what you expect it to be. However, is it too late for divorce if you have kids? What if you have already been married for a long period of time? Despite what other people may tell you, you shouldn’t stay married solely for your kids. This is your life and you deserve to be happy. If you aren’t happy in your marriage, your kids, you, and your spouse will be unhappy as well. It is actually worse for your kids if they have parents in an unhappy marriage.

As a parent, you have always thought about your child first. So when it comes to your marriage, it is only natural if you think about your child first too. You want your child to grow up with two loving and caring parents. You don’t want your child to deal with divorced parents. You don’t want your child to be going from home to home every weekend. You don’t want to cause your child emotional stress. However, if your child notices that your marriage is falling apart, that could affect him/her more than divorce. Are you always fighting with your spouse? Well, all this fighting can impact your child’s emotions, school work, grades, and energy levels. Children hate to see their parent fighting.

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You think that since you and your spouse are not fighting, your child would not be impacted. You are wrong. If you and your spouse hardly talk to each other, your child may think that he/she is the problem. This may not even be the case! However, your child would most likely think this way. Your child would wonder what he/she did to make the two of you mad. Maybe it was a grade on a test. Maybe it was because he/she played many video games. The end result is that your child would be unhappy.

Your martial problems greatly affect your child. You may think that staying with your spouse is the best thing for your child, but this may not be the case. Despite the facts that you have read about divorce, unhappy marriages actually harm the child more. During a divorce, parents can work together for their child. However, in an unsuccessful marriage, it is hard for parents to talk about anything without fighting or blaming each other for something.

Is the only thing you two have in common the children? No matter how much you two try to make it work, it would only harm your marriage and your child more. What your child needs is two parents that will love him/her. What your child doesn’t need is two parents that constantly fight or avoid all communication with each other. If you really want to do what is in your child’s best interest, you would not stay with your spouse just because of your child. Being married doesn’t constitute a happy family. A lot of divorce families have healthy and happy relationships with one another. Don’t just stay married for your children. They want you to be happy too.