Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Friendship

how to know if you've outg

You have friends that you have known for a while now, but you have grown and changed as a person, and now those friends that you were once so close to seem like strangers. Could it be that you have outgrown your friendships? Here are some signs that you have outgrown your friendships, and you may need to find some friends more suited to you.

You Aren’t So Happy To See Your Friends

You were once so happy when you and girls got together, but now you see them and you get that feeling of dread in the center of your stomach. Why is that? Could it be that the friends you were once so close to are now walking drama queens, and you just don’t want to deal with that anymore? Friends are supposed to make you happy when you see them, not dread, and that is a sign you may have outgrown them.

You Don’t Have Anything In Common Anymore

You and your friends were once close, and you all had a lot in common, but over the past few years, you got into other interests, but your friends did not. Now when you all are together, and you talk about what’s been happening in your life, your friends are completely dumbfounded and shocked at what you do now.

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You Think They Act Childish

Whenever you got out in public, one of your friends has to do something to get the attention or everyone, and it usually something you find really embarrassing. If your best pals now seem like immature children, then this is another sign you need to get yourself some new friends that you find to be more mature.

Your Friends Have Negative Comments About You

People change, and its usually for the better, but if your friends are not happy about the changes you’ve made, and start making negative comments, then this is a neon sign blinking right in your face that you need to say goodbye to those that are trying to bring you down. Your friends are supposed to be supportive, and encouraging, and not trying to tear apart your life their negative remarks.

Communication Has Been Lacking

You have been trying hard to keep up with your friends, but if only one of them is making the effort to communicate back, then that is the one and only friend you should consider keeping.

Your Reasons For Maintaining the Friendships

You need to ask yourself why you are still friends with certain people. Is it because you went to school with them, and you have known them for a really long time or are there other reasons? It’s time you face the fact that you may very well be friends with these people for all the wrong reasons, and as hard as it may be, you need to come to terms with the truth.

You have friends that you have known for a long time, but lately, you have notice that things have change between all of you. You have grown, and now you are finding that your friends have not changed at all. Could it be that you have outgrown your friends? Well it may be hard to know whether you have outgrown your friends or not, but there are some ways to tell. You’re not the same person you were years ago, when you all were back in high school, and now you are beginning to see that it may be time for new friends. If you dread your friends now, and they have nothing positive to say about you, or your life, then it may be time to say goodbye. Your friends were once very important to you, but now the sight of them makes you uncomfortable, and it may be time for new friends that are more like you are now.