Single Mama Drama: What to Do When He Leaves You During Your Pregnancy

Sometimes some of us do not get to live the fairy tale life we’ve always wanted. Every day, there are many women who are left alone to handle their pregnancy. If you happen to be one of those women, you may feel hopeless, angry, and lost as to what to do. While no one should experience this, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t mean you can’t overcome this and become a strong, independent woman who will be a wonderful mother. Here are some things you should do when he leaves you during your pregnancy.

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  • Don’t dwell on the negatives. It can be easy to fall into a hole of despair during this time period. However, you must remember that this is not about you or him. It’s about that small human growing within you. You must find strength to be positive and healthy since you will be the sole provider for your future child. So maintain your health and find the positive outlook in your life. Your partner may not be in your life now, but he helped to create this child you will cherish and love forever.
  • Get help from your friends and family. You need support from those who care about you during this time. Do not turn them away when they offer to help you. Instead, accept it. Your friends and family can help bring you out of your dark place you are currently at. You don’t need to go through this alone.
  • Determine if you want your baby’s father in his life. Again you must think about your child and determine whether or not your child’s father should be in his or her life. It will not be fair to your child if his father continues to come in and out of his life. If you determine that you do not want the father in your child’s life, you will need to come to the understanding that this will mean no child support as well. This is a heavy decision that should not be taken angry. It should also not be made when you are angry at him for leaving you during your pregnancy. If your ex-partner continually shows he can be a reliant, consistent, and also responsible, it may be beneficial to your child for his father to be there. Remember, the decision should be made based on your child’s benefits, not your own.
  • Take classes to learn about your pregnancy and what to expect. It may not be as enjoyable to head to classes without a partner, but it’s important to learn what to expect when it comes to your pregnancy. If it makes you uncomfortable to go solo, bring a friend along for support. Not only will you get educated, you also have the possibility to meet other mothers who are perhaps in the same situation as you. This can help you form lasting relationships and a great support system during this time.