Sinus Drainage – What Is It? What Causes Sinus Drainage?

Sinus Drainage

Sinus drainage can be a real annoying issue. Knowing what it is and what causes it is the first steps to knowing how to treat it. Let’s take a closer look at sinus drainage and the causes of thins annoying condition.

One major cause of sinus drainage is the human body itself. The body naturally produces 2 or 3 liters of mucus and sinus fluids every single day! What goes up must come down. Most of this will actually drain down the throat, and it is eliminated through the urinary tract.

There are some abnormal types of sinus flair ups causing drainage though. Some of these are bacterial infections, allergens, viral infections, fumes, acid reflux and dehydration just to name some. Even spicy foods and irritating odors have been names as culprits in the sinus drainage causes lists.

Why Does This Happen?

The body has glands that produce mucus in the nasal area when there are irritants present. They increase production of thin mucus that has a texture much like that of saliva when they are triggered by either internal or external irritants. The area that seemingly is affected will be flooded by this thin liquid in the body’s attempt to wash away the irritant. Once the irritant has been removed the drainage will cease.

Viral and bacterial infections will definitely cause unwanted and abnormal sinus drainage. A common cold or the flu is normally the two most reported viruses that cause this abnormal sinus drainage to occur. What happened here is an infected form of sinus fluid from the virus actually takes over the natural process of the drainage systems in the body. It will stagnate in the passages becoming thicker while also forming bacteria. This stinky, thick, infected liquid will slowly drain into the upper chest area or the throat causing more growth for bacterial and viral infections.

With dehydration sinus drainage is the body’s way of trying to replenish itself. If someone actually goes into dehydration the body will produce abnormal drainage. Many times this is mistaken for allergies or a viral onset. This is just the body telling you to put away the caffeinated beverages and drink some good old fashioned water.

Dust and pollen are allergens commonly known for irritating the sinuses thus causing abnormal drainage. What happens is these irritants cause the passages to swell triggering abnormal drainage to occur. The body is trying to flush out the offender. Since the throat sometimes sweels as well, this can throw off the natural path that the fluids normally take down the throat and cause the abnormal sinus drainage to emerge from the nose. What does not come out of the nose is held in the sinus cavities becoming thicker and causing pressure. That is when a small problem turns into sinusitis, which is a pretty big deal. Most people who reach this stage will need medications such as antibiotics and antihistamine containing allergy medication to clear the condition up. Sinusitis should not be ignored, because left untreated it can lead to big time trouble for the sinus sufferer.