Stopping Germs: Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

As if public restrooms are not unnerving enough now there are new studies saying that our beloved air hand dryers may actually spread more germs and bacteria than paper towels. Studies in the past have been mixed, but those published by Mayo Clinic in 2012 told the tale.

It is official, paper towels are he safer options.

Did you know that an air hand dryer will spread 27 times more microbes? Warmer machines spread even 4 times more. The test was done time and time again, and paper towels won in as safest every time. To top this off, when you use an air hand dryer those same germs can blow back into your face, to others and on nearby surfaces.

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So, there you have it. That is if you choose to study a launch of a study sponsored by the paper towel industry. Others have said there is no difference. Still, if you want to avoid unnecessary changes just use the paper towels. If all you have available is a hand dryer that is your lot in life, but do not leave without washing those paws! Not only are you then at risk but so is everyone who comes behind you. Who knows what germs you picked up in the greatly dreaded abyss called the public restroom.

Now, what else don’t you know about the public bathroom? Did you know there is a certain etiquette you should follow? Sure there is, but few follow it. I mean, have you ever went into the stall only to discover the toilet seat was wet and it lest you wondering if you mistakenly entered the wrong restroom?

Clean up after yourself. If you make a mess on the sink wipe it away, if you drop it pick it up and if you drip on it for the love of all that is holey wipe it away. Don’t grunt or make any noises that are not completely involuntary. Also, if you use the tissue then let someone know or replace it if you know where it is.

Ladies, do not carry on a conversation with the person in the next stall. That is a no fly zone. Flush. Do not share what you just did with the rest of us be in in the potty or on it, around it or otherwise. Also, carry a small body spray along “just in case”.

Back to the hand washing business; use soap. Opt for the paper towels instead of blowing germs all over you and the rest of the occupants or the surfaces that they will touch. Use that paper towel to open the door on your way out too. It keeps the germs off that the last person left who didn’t use soap.

Look, the public restroom is no one’s favorite place to be so we may as well all make the best of it. This is pretty much curtesy and common sense. If you don’t want to hear it, see it, smell it or wear it then don’t do it or leave it behind. Sometimes we have no choice but to do the do in there, so that is where a little body sprays may come in handy. Also, carry along a purse sized hand sanitizer for those places that aren’t so well stocked. Everyone understands why not all people like to sit their derriere on a public toilet stool, but if you drip then wipe it off. There is nothing more discussing, well with a few exceptions, than going into a stall with a seat that looks like it has been held under a shower head. And if you are squatting try not to make it sound like you are spraying a garden hose on full blast. Control the stream.

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The trick is to stay clean and healthy while also doing your part in keeping the rest of us the same way. Remember, if you don’t like it the rest of us probably don’t either. Just always be mindful that you are a lady and avoid those germy warm air hand dryers! No one wants to wear your germs and it is highly likely that you want them in your face.

Hand washing should never be skipped, and that is according to the CDC.