Struggles of Being a Highly Sexual Woman

Provocative Woman

Sex is good. No, it’s great. It feels good, has great benefits for your health, and doubles as cardio. No need to go to the gym or pay for a membership when you can just ride your man from dusk till dawn. But we don’t need to tell you why sex is great, you already know, and you can probably relate these struggles of being a highly sexual woman.

  1. You’re always ready to go

You wake up horny, you eat lunch horny, you go to bed horny. There’s basically no time when you aren’t wanting sex, even in inappropriate places; like work, the grocery store, your parents’ house. When you’re always ready to go it can be hard to focus on the task you’re doing because you’re just thinking about when you’re going to get laid.

  1. He can’t keep up

Woman have been gifted with the ability to have multiple orgasms and to be able to keep going. All. Night. Long. But…. Guys can’t really keep up with you. They can’t get enough blood to rush to their penis and some up short… or soft.

  1. You’re always trying new positions

The struggle of finding someone to do some of this kinky stuff with you is hard to find. Finding out how to position yourself correctly without breaking a leg or pulling a muscle is hard, but it just feels so good. Doggy style and missionary don’t work for you anymore. It needs to be new and exciting!

  1. You’re running out of new positions to try

You’re looking and trying so many new positions that it’s becoming difficult to find new ones. You have already done the 365 karma sutra positions and read countless articles on different ways to hit your G-Spot, so what’s next? Maybe some toys?

  1. You get labeled as a whore

Just because we like sex doesn’t mean we’re whores. Excuse us for taking full advantage of our sexuality and embracing ourselves. While you’re busy judging us we’re going to go have lots and lots of sex and forget who you are. Bye!

  1. You’re constantly buying new lingerie

Lingerie knows just how to show off our best assets and is a great way to get his engines rolling, but with your highly sexual lifestyle you always have to buy new lingerie. You buy lingerie for one of two reasons: you want to keep getting more cute items for your sexual escapades (or yourself!) or you have to replace your lingerie because it keeps getting ripped from those nice, hot, passionate nights that include ripping and tearing clothing off each other.

buying lingeria

  1. You watch porn… a lot of porn

You can’t help it! It helps you during your dry spells and watching other people have sex gives you new ideas for your own sexual escapades. You appreciate a good story line and all the work these adult actors put into their films. Just make sure you clear your history and close out windows before inviting family over.

  1. Forgetting your birth control is not an option

With the amount of sex you have, paying for condoms is going to put a serious dent in your bank account, so you’re on the pill or another form of birth control. But skipping your pill or your visits with your gynecologist is not an option. Ain’t nobody got time for a baby right now.

  1. But not using a condom is also not an option

If you have multiple sexual partners (hey, we aren’t here to judge) or if you’re hooking up with someone you’ve just met no glove means no love. You’re sexual, but you’re not stupid. STD’s and STI’s can still be transmitted when you’re on the pill. The only sure way to not contract an STD or STI is to abstain from sex, and let’s be honest we don’t want to do that, so condoms are a must when you’re about to get down and dirty.