Sugar Baby or Prostitute: Where to Draw the Fine Line?

Are you sugar baby or prostitute

Are you in a relationship where you are paid for your services? Perhaps you give sexual gratification for some monetary rewards. Wouldn’t that be considered prostitution? Well, there is a fine line that can be drawn between a sugar baby and a prostitute. Many say it can be considered the same thing, but ultimately you’ll need to determine if you have crossed that fine line.

With websites catered to men finding sugar babies, it’s not surprising that there are many young women who want to become a sugar baby. In exchange for sex, these sugar babies get money, gifts, and other perks. Some even use it to pay through school. However, isn’t that the same as prostitution? Yes and no. While there is a clear exchange of money for some sort of physical value, sugar babies and sugar daddies often have an extra dimension that differentiates them from a prostitute and client relationship.

In a relationship that involves a sugar daddy, many of these men are often looking for companionship. They want the physical aspect of a beautiful young woman but they also want a young woman who is intelligent and can hold a conversation. A majority of sugar babies are young, beautiful and well-educated women who are in the process of finishing college. These men want the best of both worlds. They want beauty and brains and they also want someone who can pretend well enough (or even genuinely) want to hang out with them. Also when it comes to these kinds of relationships, many sugar daddies prefer to not speak about money as it can break the illusion.

Also in a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, the sugar baby can accompany their sugar daddy to events. These events can be for a company gathering or even a social event such as a sports game. This is of course dependent on his marital status. This is a huge difference compared to a prostitute and her client meeting in a hotel or whatever destination of his choosing to have sex. Even if there is a requirement of companionship and intellectual conversation, this is limited to their time together to engage in sex. Most men would not be seen out with their prostitute.

Unlike a prostitute, sugar babies may not have hourly rates but instead some sort of contract or agreement. Many sugar babies don’t even try to broach the topic of money as it can make their sugar daddies feel uncomfortable or even used (even know they know these women are only interested in them for money). Besides cold hard cash, sugar babies can even be showered with other types of gifts such as clothing, jewelry, or payment of their college tuition. Another thing to note is that in many of these relationships, the attraction needs to be mutual for the sugar babies to engage in any sexual activity with their sugar daddy, a big difference compared to someone working in prostitution.

Many people may feel this is a desperate measure to go to such extremes to pay for college education, but for some of these women who are in these relationships may feel otherwise. Many of these young women voluntarily sign up on these websites and prefer to have their college tuition paid by a rich man as opposed to taking out a soul crushing student loan that they will take years to pay off. Ultimately, these young women are still selling their youth and beauty to get what they want. Would it be justified to say they are prostituting themselves? Or are they women who are using their assets to provide a stable and comfortable life for themselves?