The 5 Terrible Things About Car Sex

The 5 Terrible Things about Car Sex

At some stage in our lives most of us will at least try it once. Car sex might sound fun and exciting especially when we are younger but it could also prove to be a ruthless choice. This is though more of as an adventure to younger people and not too common amongst older folk. There are a number of things to consider that could end up as being a poor decision on your side but in all honesty it has its pros and cons, more cons than pros though. A word of advice for all the young woman out there, if this is your first time don’t do it in the car, it is supposed to be special and a back seat does not do special.

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Let’s have a quick glance at what could happen if you decide that car sex might be what you would like to try.


  • Privacy – Even though this might just be what attracted you to the idea in the first place it could prove to be the complete opposite. Living with your parents or a roommate can be a problem if you want privacy although there are ways to get around it besides using your car. It could sound adventures and daring then again it might just be your ticket to jail. Car windows tend to steam up and a parked vehicle moving up and down could alert a passerby of your doings who may well be tempted to make a call and your new adventure starts in jail.


  • Comfort – Even if you have a big car, unless it is a truck with a mattress on the back or a limousine it will surely not be comfortable. Both partners have to be extremely small to fit on the front seat without getting a door handle, steering wheel or shift level in the way. The back seat does tend to be a more obvious choice but is it really all that easy. Propping your legs up on the front seats or against the windows thus your movement is constricted by limited space that will prove to be a hurdle of proportion.

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  • Cleanliness – Have you even looked in the backseat while driving with your partner? How much junk is gathering on that backseat? Unless he washes his car every week inside not just on the outside the filth has accumulated therefore it will be breeding all kinds of bacteria. Moving it off the seat will not get rid of everything so if you are fine with picking up more than you bargained for then just go for it but think before you decide.


  • Do it on the hood – Maybe you find a secluded spot and feel that the hood is the perfect solution then think again. What would his reaction be if you got scratches on the hood? Does he really love you more than his car? Like the inside the hood of a car is covered with dust and dirt. Then there is also the possibility of someone deciding to drive that road or if in the bush you might actually have to cope with wild animals. Is it really worth all the trouble you might encounter?


  • Lastly, injuries, having sex in a car can lead to injuries of a wide range depending on your position and where your car is parked. Small things like accidently kicking or moving the gear shift can cause a car to move and who knows where it will stop. Therefore precautions need to be looked at beforehand don’t just jump into it.


  • To all the young men, if you truly love her don’t make her first time be in your car, show some respect guys.

Look, there is nothing wrong with being exciting, just do it carefully. You want those memories to be awesome, something you can day dream about, and not have it turn into a nightmare!