The Best Home Pregnancy Test from Homemade Sources

The Best Home Pregnancy Test from Homemade Sources

There are many home pregnancy tests on the retail market today that can give you fairly accurate results. However, there are also a few homemade sources for pregnancy testing as well. Of the available home remedies for pregnancy testing, the best is one that uses dandelion leaves from wild plants. This is the best home pregnancy test from homemade sources because it has the highest rate of accuracy of all the available home remedies.

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How do you do a dandelion home pregnancy test?

There are two different methods that women use to take a home pregnancy test using dandelion leaves. The first requires that you urine directly on the leaves, while the second method simply requires you soak the leaves in a urine sample. Here are the steps for completing each.

  • Direct method – with this test, you should lay a plastic sheet, a length of plastic wrap, or some other moisture repellent sheeting on the floor. Place the dandelion leaves on the sheet. You must then urine directly on the leaves, ensuring they are well saturated with urine. You then leave them to sit for at least half an hour. If you are pregnant, the leaves should develop small, reddish blisters, which result from exposure of the plant to hormones that are only present in the urine of pregnant women.
  • Manual exposure method – with this testing method, you collect an abundant urine sample in a large cup or bowl. Dandelion leaves are then dipped in the urine and then laid out on a flat surface and left for at least half an hour. Again, you must ensure the leaves are completely soaked in urine. The indicator of pregnancy is the same with this testing method as with the direct urination method. Small reddish blisters will form on the leaves if you are pregnant.

How accurate is the test?

This is the best home pregnancy test from homemade sources because it is the most accurate. However, even though the accuracy rate is relatively high, especially when compared with other homemade pregnancy tests, there is still a margin of error. Therefore, it is essential that if you believe you may be pregnant that you should see a doctor to know for certain.

What affects the test results?

Wild dandelion leaves can be collected and used as a home pregnancy test. Leaves obtained from a grocery store or market should not be used however, as they may have been treated with chemical pesticides or other substances that can affect results. Likewise, dandelion leaves you harvest outdoors should be from a non-treated area.

There are a number of other things that can also affect the test results with this home remedy. These include environmental factors, like temperature and exposure of urine soaked leaves to direct sunlight, for example. The stage of your pregnancy and the amount of pregnancy hormones in your blood stream and urine can also affect the results of the test.

How do you know for sure if the test results are right?

Even with the dandelion test being the best home pregnancy test from homemade sources, it is not one hundred percent accurate. The only way to know for certain if the results of a home pregnancy test are accurate is to see a doctor and have a clinical pregnancy test run.