The Best Way to prepare for oral sex?

Way to prepare for oral sex?

You can change the name of the game when it comes to oral sex. Did you know that you can even influence not only your smell but the way that you taste? Sure you can! It is easier than you think! All you have to do is follow a few simple lifestyle rules faithfully.

Real talk, this is something a lot of women wonder but never speak out loud. Since sometimes we don’t plan the oral pleasures we receive. If you know that you are going to have oral sex it can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to live by so you are always ready for kissed down below.

Did you know something as simple as a sweet smelling fruit smoothie can make your own juices taste sweeter? Some good choices are kiwi, pineapple and strawberry. This is a great tasting treat for you and him.

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A shower is a must, and if you go commando afterwards then air is better circulated. The longer you go without the cotton coverings the better you will smell and taste. Speaking of cotton, make sure that is your fabric of choice for a flawless hygiene option. This allows things to breathe.

Try to avoid baths especially those laden with scented oils or bubble baths. These can actually change the taste and smell of your otherwise naturally occurring ones. You do not want this issue to arise at the worst possible moment. That could be horrifying and morbidly embarrassing.

You have to stay away from nicotine or at least cut back on it. It will make you taste sour and large amounts of alcohol or caffeine are equally as insulting to your natural juices. Spicy foods and asparagus are not much better. They will lead to strong smells with cinnamon being the only exception. Cinnamon and naturally sweet Greek yogurts are fantastic for pH balances and sweet tasting natural juices.

You should use condoms to protect yourself from naturally occurring bacteria. Also stock up on pillows. If you put one of them under your hips and another under his knees then he will be comfortable enough to finish the deed.

Don’t douche. This is not good for you and it increases you chances of getting an infection. Your body naturally cleanses itself. The vagina is quite resilient and needs no help in getting the job done. Douching enhances your chances of PID and STD’s as well. It is unnecessary. Also, if you are on antibiotics then wait until you have finished them. They cause strange tastes and odors. When using soaps down below they have to also be use selectively and sparingly. If you decide to use them go with an unscented and gentle soap.

This should go without being said, but check your calendar. Do not have oral sex when your cycle is close. This is not only for the obvious reasons, but also because during overvaluation our taste and odor will change. These are things that you cannot change and it is inevitable. Just find a cool and nonchalant way of opting out around that time if the month.

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Drink 8 glasses of water a day and avoid dairy. Dairy causes gas and water keeps our system clean. And finally don’t skip your annual checkups even if all seems well. You are sure to have a better experience and so will he. The last thing you need t to fluff while he is down there, and who doesn’t love a nice tall glass of water now and then? It all makes perfect sense.

If you really want to prepare for oral sex then do these things all of the time and always be ready. Why; because it is always better when it is not planned. Spontaneity is a definite turn on for both of the parties involved. When you are just taking it as it comes is it not that not much better than a planned out regimen?

Lay back and enjoy the ride ladies. With these tips and tricks you are sure to have a great oral experience, and remember don’t be greedy. Return the favor when he is done for the ultimate oral pleasure.