The Goodie Drawer: What Men Really Think Of Your Goodie Drawer?

What Men really think of your Goodie Drawer?

Do all women have one? Does the Goodie Drawer really exist?

Most women and even some men have a Goodie Drawer but not all. There are many reasons for such things and usually it’s not at all what you might think. Women of any adult age can have one for a variety of reasons and even married couples have them. This is not something that can be categorized as right or wrong and the contents of such a drawer will always differ depending on the individuals taste in addition to experiences.

How does most of the male population see this as?

Once again depending on age and experience men seem to have completely opposite reactions to finding out a woman has a Goodie Drawer. Some of the content that can be found in such a drawer will vary from vibrators, lubrications, restraints, whips, pleasure rings, dildo’s and much, much more. Most couples do not have any problems when it comes to utilizing these but most single guys do. The fact is that a married man already knows that his partner loves him and the use of toys are there for the pleasure of both whereas single men feels that using toys is an indication of their inadequacy.

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What does the Goodie Drawer mean?

A woman who has sex toys and wants to use them is not indicating that you as a man are inadequate. If men are open and honest they will agree that there might be a few times to consider the use of toys. It is beneficial to both partners. Have you as a man ever experienced satisfaction before your partner? Sure you have, at some stage all men go through this and it then does not mean you are inadequate does it? No, but you could use some assistance in such a case and that is where the use of toys are very functional.

Mature men will realize that the Goodie Drawer contains fun for both partners!

Let’s have a closer look and extract some of the toys used for both partners. We start off with the more subtle objects that could be found namely lubrication. Lubrication can be used in many ways besides turning out to be very pleasing for men. Let’s be honest, oral sex does not always leave you with a taste of desire but by using flavored lubricants this problem can be solved. Then we have the pleasure ring and condoms that also now come in a variety and are ideal for partners in the starting stages of toys.

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Men want a woman who can handle some roughness in the sack!

Men complain that woman don’t want to be a bit more rough although when you bring out the cuffs and whip they get intimidated. These toys can once again provide both partners with pleasure as it can be used in turns and is ideal for foreplay. Unless you have tried it, you cannot judge! When a woman pulls these from her drawer it does not mean that she is the boss now or even that she intends to hurt you, she only wants to have some fun and you can both agree on the use of toys like these.

Sex and the usage of toys from the goodie drawer are there for the satisfaction of both partners. Women also tend to have these around when single and it is not an indication that a man is not good enough but just for assistance. The sooner that men learn a goodie drawer is actually their friend the better they will adjust and also have more fun in the sack.