The Morning After: 5 Surefire Items Every Woman Must Carry

While we all know the standard items to carry for going out on a night on the town (phone, keys, cash, card, ID), or for when we plan on having a hookup (condoms, breath mints), we sometimes forget about what we need to carry for the morning after. Whether it’s a one time hookup, a boy you’re getting serious about, or even a regular boyfriend, the items are unchanging on what we need to take along with us to ensure that it goes as well as it possibly can.


1.    Toothbrush. When we think about intimate times, we sometimes forget about our very necessary toothbrush. It’s all too awkward to use someone else’s, and unless you two are about to move in together it’s even more awkward to ask for them to keep a brush for you specifically. So it’s always a good idea to keep it with you to make sure your mouth can feel nice and fresh the next morning.