The Pros and Cons of Face Yoga

As strange as it may sound, face yoga is one trend that is growing in popularity worldwide. These exercises claim to tone and tighten sagging skin which makes it a non-invasive alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures. However, as with everything that sounds too good to be true there are always two sides to every story. Before you embark on your face stretching journey, here are the pros and cons of face yoga.

The Pros of Face Yoga

It Won’t Cost You a Penny

In two words…………. “It’s cheap!” In fact, it won’t cost you a penny. You can achieve a youthful and glowing appearance without spending exorbitant amounts of money on creams and cosmetic procedures that you are going to have to keep purchasing to maintain your look.

It’s Natural

Yoga is 100 percent natural; it contains no chemicals or extreme risks. The majority of anti-aging creams are made up of heavy fragrances, mineral oil, and paraffin’s which can damage your skin over the long run. Cosmetic surgery is even riskier, there is no guarantee that when you go into the operating room you’ll come out alive! It sounds extreme but there have been plenty of people who have died on the operating table.

No Hiding Out While Your Face Heals

We’ve all seen the stars walking around looking like zombies with bandages around their heads. This is because it can take weeks for cosmetic surgery to heal and it’s also extremely painful. With face yoga, you won’t have to go through that kind of stress and aggravation.

Releases Tension in the Face

The more we tense our faces squint or smile the more we accumulate wrinkles over the years. Although this is a natural part of life, facial yoga can help to slow down the aging process. Specific poses will help you to recognize when you are unconsciously straining your face muscles.
You will be surprised at how much stress is carried around the face and neck. Facial yoga not only helps to eliminate and reduce wrinkles but it also alleviates stress and tension.

Tones and Tightens

Yoga is an exercise that tones and tightens the muscles. As these muscles are being worked on oxygen and blood are being redirected to that area which stimulates the production of collagen and promotes a youthful complexion. Unlike the stuck look of Botox injections or the unsightly scarring of surgical procedures or chemical peels, facial yoga gives you a relaxed look and a natural glow. Additionally, because you are practicing yoga you are also relaxing the mind from any stress and turmoil you might be experiencing.

No More Double Chin

How long have you been trying to get rid of your double chin with no luck? Why not try face yoga? If you focus particularly on the neck area it will eventually tone up. The majority of Asian cultures use neck exercises as one of their beauty secrets and believe that it promotes youthfulness.

The Cons of Face Yoga

It Promotes More Wrinkles

Dr. Michael F. Roizen, one of the authors of the book “You: Being Beautiful,” states that “the face muscles pull on the skin which is how we get facial expressions. Exercising these muscles will only lead to an increase in wrinkles. The skin on the face is very sensitive and continuous movement combined with normal collagen break down and thinning will cause the skin to crack and enhance wrinkles. Botox has the opposite effect because it paralyzes the muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Wilma Bergfeld, the head of clinical research at a Dermatology clinic in Cleveland believes that over manipulation of the skin causes it to lose elasticity and therefore leads to more wrinkles.

It Takes Longer to See Results

If you are looking for a quick fix, face yoga is not for you. It can take up to several months to see any results. This does not come as a surprise because regardless of the type of exercise that you do you will never see immediate results because the muscles have to be stressed out enough until they start to change.

You Could End Up Looking Like a Man

Unless that’s the look you are going for, too much facial exercises can cause you to look very masculine. If you are a man then great, but I don’t think a manly look is what the majority of women are going for. Basically, don’t overdo it because you are not seeing results straight away or you could end up looking like the incredible hulk.

Final Thought

This is an interesting argument, because there isn’t any scientific proof it’s difficult to make an intelligent judgement. In my own opinion I believe that both arguments are valid and the answer lies somewhere in the middle.