The Pros & Cons of Googling Your Man

Should You Google Your Man?Everyone seems to Google their partner lately. This is especially true if the two of you have just started dating. However, is it always a good idea? Sure you may want to know more about him, but you have to decide whether or not you should find out this information through him voluntarily or by scouring the internet. Yes the internet can be the easier option, but does it necessarily mean it’s the right one? Before you hop onto your laptop and type in your current beau’s name into the search bar, weigh out the pros and cons of googling him.


  • You can keep yourself safe. Let’s say your beau has a shady background he doesn’t want to delve into at all. Before you chalk up to just a troubled past, you may want to consider looking him up. Usually people who have things to hide, such as criminal records will not easily volunteer this sort of information to you. Check and see if there are any public records or him and if there are, decide if it’s safe enough for you to stay with him.
  • You may want to consider googling him if you’ve gone out on a few dates and still know nothing really about his interests. Or he may even have skimped out on telling you some of his greatest achievements to avoid appearing boastful. Be aware, once you find out information, don’t run back to him and reveal all you know. It might come off a bit odd and “stalkerish.” Just file it away and wait to see if he tells you anything.
  • Google him if his past seems too perfect, colorful, or exaggerated. Men like to make a great impression but sometimes they can go over the top. In the end, you wouldn’t want to waste your time with a liar.


  • Googling your guy for compatibility reasons is not ideal. If you two get along great and are finding out you have things in common, don’t base your decision to pursue the relationship on what he states on his social media profile. Not everyone is going to have the same passions and dislikes but it doesn’t mean you aren’t compatible.
  • You may not even give him a chance after you Google him. During your dates you may find yourself bored as he’s telling you about his life because you already know everything there is after looking him up. It takes the fun out of getting to know a person. Also, what happens if he tells you something different from what you read? You may think he’s a liar when all he did was mix up information.
  • Remember that the best source is the prime source. Sure you’ve googled him but unless he’s a danger to your personal safety or a total whack job, give him a chance before you write him off. Just think of how you would feel if he were to do the same to you.

Googling a person should not always be the end all be all. If you feel a connection with your man, then pursue the feeling and see where it goes. Remember that everyone has something they regret, so don’t base your entire decision on what you find on the internet.