The Real Reason Why He Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

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There are several reasons that he may not want to have sex with you. It doesn’t always mean infidelity. Naturally, you want to rule out cheating right away. This is not just for the principle of things either, but to avoid being infected with a STD or HIV. With that being said, you do not want to confront him aggressively about cheating until you have something more solid than an insecurity to go on.

Men can go through a “menopausal” phase just as women can. He will undergo something called low-t or low testosterone. It is not something he can help, and he will g thorough things like moodiness, withdrawal and a low sex drive with this condition just to name some. Still, this may not equal up to the little blue pill being the answer either. You should not take it personally, be patient and understand it is not you not does it have anything to do with you.

If it is not low and he is not cheating then maybe he is dealing with things like a porn addiction or even excessive masturbation. This is a touchy subject, and also one you wont want to confront him with without having substantial evidence. These are more common issues than you may think, and it has ripped many families apart at the seams.

Les Parrott, PhD, stated that “When porn becomes addictive a man relies on it to become stimulated instead of relying on his spouse.” The doctor went on to state that “the neurochemicals flooding a man’s brain during a porn fix can create a cocktail in the body that researchers believe may be as addictive as cocaine.” Dr. Parrott also said that “Studies have shown that porn fuels unrealistic expectations about what sex should be like ,and it makes men less satisfied with their partners.”

Pay attention to your instincts.

It may not be your husband at all, but maybe there is a lacking of intimacy where tyou are concerned. Are you hugging and kissing him, cuddling and showing interest? Men do not always like to be the “initiators”.

Also be aware that the loss of a sexual desire can point to something underlying and serious where his health is concerned. It could point to anything from allergies to stress or even a heart condition, so it should not be ignored or something he is ashamed to seek out help for.

So, if you have kept is spicy and tried it all it may be time to do a little digging of your own to find out why he doesn’t want to have sex with you. You may want to rule out the health issues and stress first and then go from there. It could very well simply be a phase that you are going through, but whatever you do it is vital that you do not jump to conclusions. Speaking to a councilor may help you to deal with the feelings that will come from an issue like this as well, after all, you are only human. A bit of advice, if you are going to need a shoulder to lean on make it a non bias one and seek out a professional rather than the advice of friends and family. It could very well save him a lot of embarrassment, you a lot of misleading information and possibly projected ideas that could ultimately cost you your marriage.