The truth about vegan makeup

Makeup is used by many people to enhance their looks. Whether it is adding a little mascara to your eyelashes or applying a foundation to give your skin a clearer, smoother look, makeup can work wonders for your appearance. While you’re going through your daily makeup routine and applying your favorite makeup products, have you ever stopped to think about what your makeup may be made from? What is put it your foundation that makes it work so well? If it has been tested on animals, and if so, which ones?

If you were to look at the ingredients on the back of your bottle of foundation, you would not be surprised to find that it probably contains some sort of animal-based ingredient. This is common for today’s makeup products. In fact, not only do these products contain animal-based ingredients, they may have been tested on animals as well. Even though many makeups contain animal-based ingredients, there is a solution for those who want to avoid using such products: vegan makeup.

What is vegan makeup?

For some people, the thought of having their makeup products tested on animals or using animal ingredients is disturbing. For those who have found that they can’t bear to use these types of products, they have turned to vegan makeup. Vegan makeup is the ideal choice because it is free of animal-based ingredients and has not been tested on animals as other makeups may have been. With it being made of natural ingredients, it is a good options for anyone who has come to realize that they have sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of vegan makeup?

The following are the benefits of vegan makeup:

  • Cruelty-free- Contain no animal-based ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Natural
  • Better for your skin

How to tell if your makeup is really vegan

If you plan to purchase vegan makeup, you want be sure to do your research on the many cosmetic lines that claim to be vegan. Just because something is labeled “cruelty-free” doesn’t mean that it is. Some companies try to pass their products off as cruelty-free because they don’t test on animals, but there is likely still some kind of animal-based ingredient listed on the label, making their claim that the product is cruelty-free a false one. This is what you want to look out for before you make that purchase.

There are certain ingredients that vegan products contain that will help you decide if a product is truly vegan or not. Ingredients to look out for when purchasing vegan makeup include:

  • Minerals
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Certified organic ingredients

It should be fairly simple to spot a fake vegan makeup product. The more you start to use these products, the more familiar you will become with them and what they may feel or smell like compared to other products. If you come across a product that you suspect may not be vegan, don’t be afraid to contact the company and ask questions. You have made a choice to not purchase products that are not cruelty-free, so you don’t want to risk using one.