Things You Must Know Before Getting a Permanent French Manicure

French manicures come off easily but have you considered a permanent French manicure. French manicure is dainty and more ladylike and when it is well done it brings with it a sense of sophistication. The French manicure has been a trend setter over the years and most people find a chance to always get a French manicure. It shows professionally manicured hands with nail art and a nail paint work with eye blinding mixes. The manicure is fashionable and is an all rounded elegance. The white classic tips which are carefully done on the tips of the nails they can match up with any outfit. It is frustrating if after 2 or 3 days the manicure starting chipping away leaving you with the option of getting permanent French manicure.

What to know before getting a permanent French manicure?

The French manicure is characterized by a white nail polish strip bordering the cuticle. The color on the rest of the nail can be replaced but not the white strip which completes a French manicure. The permanent French manicure lasts up to three weeks before it can peel or chip; this also depending on your daily regular care.

Temporal French manicures use materials which are not permanent but a permanent French manicure use a different technique. Permanent French manicure is a strong nail coating that could turn your nail brittle over time. So it is recommended you have it done at a good professional nail salon.
Airbrushing technique is used when getting a permanent French manicure, this is different from the normal apply and dry method. The nails are airbrushed and UV sealant is used to protect it. The sealant is durable and very similar to the nail polish sealant.

The nail polish is done regularly but the UV light is used for hardening and quick drying. Avoid the nail spas that will use acrylic polishes which are applied before the sealant. The acrylic is a mixture of powder and liquid and it contains methyl methacrylate liquid monomers which prove harmful with time. They form a porcelain nail layer over the natural nail. The substance penetrates through the skin causing irritations and allergic reactions which are health risks for you. Acrylic sometimes has severe side effects which could lead to the damage of the nervous system, damages a developing fetus and alters the normal functions of the reproductive system; the kidneys too are at the risk of developing problems among many other possible risks. To stay safe always inquire if acrylic is used and if it is, you can do a regular French manicure or change the salon until you find the one with the right and safe nail polish for you.

The nails become brittle over time and there is the need for the permanent French manicure to be done with lots of caution. You need to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals which will aid in strengthening the nails; add some magnesium and iodine in them.

The permanent French manicure is incredible and can last between 2-3 weeks and can be used for all nail types.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain that perfect permanent French manicure if your hands stay for long in water as you work or do your household chores or swimming. After spending long moments in water the permanent manicure could chip or peel leaving the nails looking unkempt.

There are several permanent nail polishes which can be used to give a permanent French manicure, consider the pros and cons of each before getting the nails done.

Why most people love the permanent French manicure?

  • It is easy and fast to apply.
  • Has a permanent color which will not chip for some time.
  • It is requires low maintenance.
  • It gives the nails a more natural look and more maintained nails.
  • You do not have to deal with grooves or nail polish bumps on the surface of the nail.
  • A permanent French manicure brings out a personality according to the choice of nail polish color chosen.
  • When you want you change the nail polish color you can apply it over the permanent French manicured nails and later get rid of it to reveal the initial French manicured nails.