Things You Should Not Wear to a Wedding

There are all kinds of weddings. Some are more casual than others. But keep in mind that it is a special event whether the wedding is being held in the most beautiful chapel, or someone’s backyard. And there is an air of reverence and consideration that needs to be held for this special event and all of those involved, no matter where you are.

Try to avoid t-shirts of any kind. There may be, at some point in the future of weddings, an exception to this rule. Maybe the best men are going to be requested to wear t-shirts with the logo of the bride and groom’s new business they are opening together and they want it to become the theme of their wedding. Okay. In that case, it might be appropriate, highly unlikely, but appropriate.

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The point is, though, whether you’re a biker, or gamer, or just incredibly laid back, please buy a button down shirt for the occasion unless you’ve been told directly by the bride or groom that alternative attire is being requested.

Don’t wear flip-flops. It’s a wedding. Even if the wedding is on the beach, put the flip-flops in the car inside the beach bag until it’s time to dress down for the celebration to follow that involves more casual beach activities.

Don’t wear Goth unless it is specifically a Goth wedding. It’s nothing against your ability to express yourself. But just like biker jackets and bar garb, there is a time and place not to wear them unless that is the particular theme of the event. Weddings are one of those events. We love you, Goths. Just rein it in for a day.

Generally speaking, baseball caps are a big no-no on the big day. There are some of you out there who haven’t parted with your baseball cap in years. But you’re just going to have to suck it up for a day. It might be a good time to get a hair cut.

In case it needs to be said, don’t wear sweats to the wedding. Sweats at a wedding would probably be about the rudest attire that could ever be worn. Sweats tend to relay a total disregard to the sanctity of the marriage even well after a couple has been married. Please don’t come to the event in them.

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Don’t wear white or any color lighter than what the bride is wearing. Traditionally a bride wears either white or off-white to her wedding day. Some have worn a pale shade of pink. The shade the bride wears is meant to represent her level of innocence. A guest wearing anything lighter than what the bride is wearing is seen as not only suggesting they are somehow more pure than the bride, but also in competition with her. These are merely traditions, though, as this is merely a suggestion. Many people have gotten into the habit over the years of wearing white to a wedding, especially one that is held in the warm summer months. Wearing a lighter shade than the bride is much less of an insult than wearing sweats when taken into comparison.

And just remember that nothing is written in stone.

There will be biker weddings where biker jackets and t-shirts are not only welcome, but expected. There will be beach weddings that are so casual that flip-flops as well as swim suits will be the theme. Goth weddings will be spectacular themes! There have been nude weddings were nothing is worn by the bride and groom except maybe a veil. What not to wear at that wedding was clear.