Things You Shouldn’t Say Or Do When Your Friend Gets Engaged

There is nothing more exciting than when a friend gets engaged, but not everyone in the inner circle of friends may be thrilled at this turn of events. Whether you are happy your friend got engaged, or not so much, there are things that you should not say or do when your friend gets engaged.

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Never Criticize the Ring

The first thing that you always look for, when your friend gets engaged, is the ring. Now keep in mind that not everyone is Donald Trump, so the ring your friend gets might not be this diamond that is so huge your friend can barely lift her hand. Just look at the ring, and hold your tongue, even if it’s a ring that is not very big, or very pretty. Remember, your friend is the one that’s getting married, and she may have a tiny diamond, but to her, it’s the most beautiful ring on the whole planet.

Don’t Question the Timing of the Engagement

When the time is right, two people get engaged, and you need to remember that. Though it may seem like the timing of the engagement is wrong, or off, that is really none of your concern. Even if the timing is not quite right, like your friend got engaged super-fast, it is her life not yours. Just smile and wish your friend well by giving her a nice hug!

Do Not Discuss Whether Your Friend Should Get Married

You may not be fond of the man your friend is supposed to marry, but you are not the one that has to deal with him on a daily basis. You do not know the man your friend is engaged to like she does, and that can make all the difference in the world. Once again, you are not marrying this man, your friend is, and if you try and talk her out of it, she may become very angry with you for interfering with her life.

Don’t Offer or Accept Being a Bridesmaid

You are already not thrilled your friend is engaged, so the last thing you want to do is be part of the wedding party. If you feel like you have to be a bridesmaid out of obligation, and agree to be one, you’re going to be miserable at it because you will hate everything about it. Its best to just say no if you are asked, and there are plenty of other reasons you can come up with for not being part of the wedding party such as the cost of the dress, which can get quite expensive and you not being able to afford one might just be the truth.

Do Not Offer Any Wedding Planning Advice

It may be tempting to give your engaged friend recommendations on things like venues and flowers, but the truth is that you need to stay out of it. Wedding plans can be quite complicated, and the last thing you want to do is get sucked in.

Your friend is engaged, but it really is not the happiest of announcements for you. There may be 10 thousand reasons why you are not happy for your friend, but is it really your concern? When it comes to etiquette, there are just certain things you do not do or say when your friend gets engaged, and you also need to remember that your friend is happy. Do you really want to spoil her happiness? It may very well be that your friend will be okay because you really do not know her fiancé the way she does. It’s admirable for you to be concerned for your friend, but just remember that it is her life and you cannot live it for her.