Thinking about making the first move? How to Ask a Guy out on Valentine’s Day

How to Ask a Guy out on Valentine's Day

In 2015 women have moved up into positions of authority and are very in charge. Asking a guy out is normal in this generation. If you haven’t been on the scene then this may not come as comfortable as it does to those who have been dating for a while. Here are some tips for asking out the perfect Valentine with confidence.

The first thing to remember is confidence. If you are not confident then it is a 50/50 chance you will get rejected. Regardless of how you feel on the inside, the illusion of extreme confidence, not cockiness, is always attractive. It makes him wonder what is behind the mystery. After all, nothing is more mysterious or sexy than a confident woman.

Don’t get it twisted

The things is, often people get confidence confused with other, unattractive things. Overconfidence can be mixed up with snobbishness, aloofness or cockiness and be very unattractive. The most beautiful woman seems unattractive in this light, and the plainest woman can seem beautiful with true confidence.

Look, in the times we live in men have no idea whether to open the door for you or not to. Dare to go after what you want. If you know a guy you think may be up for a little play then engage him first. Sometimes that is all they are waiting on to begin with so not to be rejected themselves.

Be strategic … think like a guy

Don’t just walk up and say, “Do you want to go to dinner on the 14th?” Make a couple of encounters happen, talk to him and feel him out. Smile and make eye contact, and be sure that you turn your body towards him. Interpersonal skills are a must to master real confidence.

Men do not move as fast as we do nowadays, and that just is what it is. If he is hesitant after throwing out the invite, be patient, and for Pete’s sake do not be pushy. H0owever, if a week or so passes by then you can nonchalantly give him a gentle nudge. After all, men are generally singularly focused unlike women who are great at focusing on multiple things at once.

Don’t forget to warm up

If you are not ready to go for the goal and ask him out for Valentine’s Day just yet, then ask him out for coffee or lunch. Starting light and working your way up to it is often a whole lot easier than aiming for the bull’s-eye right off the cuff. Look at is as a warm up. It will also make him a lot more comfortable saying yes.

Always be yourself

Regardless, when you do land the date, don’t put on false airs. Just being you is quite enough. If it isn’t you need to go back to the drawing board anyways. No one likes a fake or imposter. Too many times people fall for the false persona, those are hard to maintain because they are impossible to live up to. Why would you change who you are to accommodate another person hence sacrificing your inner peace and true happiness. Furthermore, why be around anyone who would want you to.

Once you have it all set up do not set your expectations passed having a great evening. Over reading things can ruin a good start. Do not be clingy or expectant, but just have fun. If it turns out to be a flop at least no promises are being broken.