Thinking About Naming Your Son After His Dad? 7 Pros and Cons

You were so happy when you found out that you’re pregnant with a boy, and the first thought you have is to make your son after his father. After all, men are very proud when they have a son, and the biggest compliment that can be paid is for them to have their precious baby boy named after them. However, is it really such a good idea though? Here are 7 pros and cons to naming your son after this father.

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The Pros To Naming Your Son After His Father

  • Studies have shown that boys named after their dads have fewer confidence issues then boys who are not. Boys feel honored to have their dad’s name, and seem to be more stable mentally as a result. Could it be that they carry the spirit of their father with them, which gives them comfort?
  • Children with their dad’s names have less behavioral issues in school. Perhaps, they feel like their dad is always with them, and that encourages them to behave no matter where they are.
  • Sons and fathers have a stronger bond if they share the same name.
  • A positive role model to look up to. Young boys and men need a strong male figure they can emulate. After all, who better to look up to then the man that gave them life?

The Cons To Naming Your Son After His Father

  • Sons named after their father are often called Junior, which is not a nickname that men like. Some boys who are called Junior end up getting into trouble more just to get away from such a terrible nickname. What happens when that young boy turns into a grown man and people still call him Junior?
  • Some names are not worth passing on, and that terrible name should not be given to an innocent child because it may make their life more difficult. Life can be tough enough without a name that has something that may not be pleasant associated with it.
  • Too many family members may end up with the same name. If there is one name that everyone has been called, do you really want to walk into a room, call out one name, and 12 different people respond to it. Every child deserves to have a name that is their own, which can be tough when there are many other members of the family that were also named after their fathers.

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The news that you are pregnant with a boy has not only you, but the whole family excited especially your husband. The moment he hears you are having a boy, he might immediately start figuring out the name, which will include his first name. However, do you really want to name your son after your husband? There are millions of names in the world, and surely you and your husband can try to come up with one. However, what happens if your husband is insisting that the boy be named after him? The debate is now on as to whether naming your son after your husband is a good idea or not. The good reasons to name your son his father incudes the fact that it may be a tradition, and studies have shown that boys named after their dads are happier and more mentally stable. On the down side, sometimes sons named after their dads are nicknamed Junior, and they may behave badly trying to shake such a nickname. Kids deserve to have their own name, and son or not, your child deserves a name that he can make for himself instead of one built in thanks to his father.