Time to Turn Up: How to Use K-Y Warming Liquid

So you and your man are getting ready for a steamy lovemaking session. You want to spice things up a bit by introducing and using K-Y warming liquid. While the directions provide some suggestions, you want to really spice things up and use this liquid in different ways. Here are some fun and different ways to use K-Y warming liquid.

  • Use it to set the mood and massage your partner. Give your man a sensual rubdown. Pour a bit into your hands and massage any of his sore muscles or anything other location of your choosing. The liquid will slowly warm up and add a heated sensation. Then of course it will be his turn to apply some of the K-Y warming liquid and give you a sensual massage.
  • Use it as a lubricant on some of your favorite toys. Instead of using the traditional and sometimes (boring) lubricants, you can use K-Y warming liquid to bring things to the next level with your sex toys. This liquid is water-soluble and won’t degrade or ruin your toys and is safe to use directly on your genital areas. Make it even more fun and blow on your genital or erroneous zones to feel a more intense warming sensation.
  • Pour some directly into a condom. The liquid in the condom will provide a unique sensation for him while he’s having sex with you. You can even add it to the outside of the condom to provide a heating sensation for you. Just make sure the condom you use is non-lubricated. Many condoms come already with spermicide or lubricants so be make sure you purchase ones that don’t have anything on them. You don’t to mix two lubricants together since it can cause an adverse reaction.

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  • Use it as your preferred lubricant. As stated before, K-Y warming liquid is safe to use directly on your genitals so find some ways to experiment with each other. Want to give him a hand-job that will blow his mind? Pour some of the warming liquid on your hand before you start stroking. Remember to create even more intense sensations by blowing on his member once in a while to really get that heated effect. Of course, this can be done vice versa so you can have a mind-blowing experience as well.
  • Have some fun time by yourself with it. When you want to relax and have some intimate time by yourself, use K-Y warming liquid to pleasure yourself. You don’t need to use a toy, pour a few drops on your fingers and pleasure yourself. The warming liquid on your clitoris will provide a different but very pleasurable sensation.

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There is no right or wrong way to use K-Y warming liquid. There are no rules on how to use this. Experiment with your partner and find out what works best for you and him. Don’t overthink it. Have fun, be creative, and see where the night takes you. The only way you will find out what works best is through some fun experimentation.