Tired of red eyes? How to Get Whiter & Brighter Eyes

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Our eyes. The windows to our soul. They are also super important to leading a healthy and full life. This is where our inner beauty shines through. Sparkling, clear, white eyes can capture a person. Who wouldn’t want to achieve bright eyes and optimal eye health? Well, there are some all natural ways to do just that.

If you want to remove the dim look, eliminate puffy eyes and combat dark circles then here are a few home remedies you will love.

First and foremost be cautious when trying any home remedy. Secondly, do not expect immediate results. What works on one person may not work on another, but you do have to give it time. Checking a new remedy on your hand before doing it on your eyes is recommended so that you can look for any possible reactions.

Did you know that the sun is poison to your eyes? Well it is! If you are in the sun make it a habit to wear sunglasses. You can also avoid eyestrain by avoiding dimly lit rooms. Well, on to those home remedies.

Try cucumber!

Cucumbers are widely known for their health benefits, but many do not know that they are great topical solutions for the eye. They can help reduce dark circles. They have a high water content, so if you take a cold cucumber and cut it into thick circles you can relax and pop those babies right on your closed eyes. You should leave them on the eye for 10 minutes, sometimes longer. They should remain there until they get warm.

Try using a tea bag or maybe some olive oil.

Green tea is so beneficial to our bodies in so many aspects. The benefits of green tea are extended to eye health as well. This is an antioxidant rich beverage that really works wonders. When you use the used bags on your eyes, after they’ve cooled of course, it works wonders for dark circles and tired looking eyes thanks to the bioflavonoids in the tea.

This mean that inflammations and bacteria is also greatly reduced when using green tea bags. All you have to do is place some wet tea bags in the freezer just long enough to chill them. Put the olive oil under and on your eyes with a cotton ball. Relax and place the chilled tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes or until they are warm through. Wash, dry and moisturize your face as usual afterwards.

Have you ever heard of a milk regimen?

Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it? Raw milk actually aids in a natural all over face glow when used as a wash. As a matter of fact they sat that ice cold raw cow’s milk is one of the most nourishing things that you can use in your beauty routine. Using it on cotton balls as an eye compress helps reduce puffiness, tired eyes and dark circles.

All you have to do is fill up a cup of raw ice cold cow’s milk and grab some cotton balls. Lie down and relax with a towel under your head. Close your eyes very tightly. Put some soaked cotton balls on your eyes for about 15 minutes. From there you will wash and moisturize as you normally do.

Make sure that you are exercising and hydrating your eyes while avoiding too much screen time. Remember that the foods that you eat will have an impact on overall health, and yes, that included eye health. Make healthy food choices. Use these techniques for healthy gorgeous eyes while staying hydrated and it will help help keep your eyes nice and bright!