To Fluoride, or Not to Fluoride?

should i use fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is always the best for your teeth, and that is without argument. There are a lot of people who prefer not to use it though. Some individuals even consider it a poison.

Next to fluoride the other thing that you want to look for in a safe and effective toothpaste is the ADA seal of approval. This means that the product has been evaluated, and its effectiveness is as promised.

Good oral hygiene is essential not only for ah healthy smile, but for your health in general. You may get toothpaste, powder or a gel for your oral care needs, but whatever you choose a set and strict routine is required to remove plaque and strengthen the teeth.

A fluoride toothpaste will help in the plaque removal process, and it will prevent tooth decay as well. These toothpastes will in most cases contain mild abrasives, fluoride, humectants, flavoring, thickeners and detergents. Some will contain things to reduce sensitivity like potassium nitrate or even strontium chloride. There are also ingredients that can be added as an anti-inflammatory or a breath freshener.

The seal of the American Dental Association will give you the assurance that all criteria proving safety and effectively have been surpassed by the brand and product.

In comparing fluoride to non-fluoride toothpastes studies have proven that teeth that are undergoing frequent fluoride regimens are healthier and their enamel harder than those that didn’t include fluoride in their regimen.

Many popular brands have come out with fluoride free toothpastes. While it is recommended to use fluoride many people don’t and some simply cannot. Look for fluoride free toothpastes by trusted brands like Crest, Aqua Fresh and the like to make sure that you are getting good oral care. Keep dental appointments and get a 6 month checkup in regular intervals. Make sure you are brushing in the morning, after meals and before bed. Also eat nutrient rich foods while getting a lot of calcium.

With these precautions in place all should be fine, and this is even if you have opted for a fluoride free toothpaste. As it stands many are living avidly that they will not ever use a fluoride toothpaste again. They think it is a dangerous practice, and they have great oral health.

Some studies have even indicated fluoride may be linked to thyroid issues, osteoporosis and some cancers just to name a few. Whether or not to use fluoride is up to you and your personal beliefs.

There are some fantastic all natural and organic toothpastes by popular brands that may suite you better. Whatever the case following a strict dental care routine is the only way to insure that you will have a healthy smile and overall good health for a long time to come.