Toothpaste Expiration: Should You Check the Tube?

toothpaste safe after expiration date

Toothpaste does come with an expiration date. That is surprising to many people, because most consider it a nonperishable item. So, if you have toothpaste that has passed its expiration date, what can you expect? Well. For one it may not be as effective. It may not look or taste different at all, but fluoride may not do what it was meant to. Viscosity in some cases will be affected as well.

All toothpastes that contain fluoride are required by the ADA (American Dental Association) to have an expiration date. For those tubes that don’t come along with a date you can estimate a shelf life of around 2 years after they were manufactured for most brands.

After the expiration has passed then you can expect poor quality performance, the product will become more difficult to squeeze out of the tube and condense separation. If you have ever used toothpaste that didn’t taste quite right after a while it was probably expired.

If you use an expired toothpaste accidentally it is not a cause for great concern. The Massachusetts Dental Society says there is not even a health threat linked to expired toothpaste. The date is a requirement by the FDA, but not meant to cause alarm. However, just because it is believed that expired toothpaste wonk make you gravely ill does not mean it is in any way suggested.

With daily brushing 2 to 3 times every day you should not have to worry about the shelf life of your toothpaste. Pay attention to the dates when purchasing your products, and remember, if you are using a product that has expired you may not be getting the benefits that you need for good oral health.

More tips are as follows:

  • Choose a trusted brand
  • Pay attention to dates
  • Look for fluoride

If you are considering a whitening toothpaste that is better on a short term basis. While it will remove surface stains in a couple of weeks it can also be damaging to the enamel protecting your teeth. A better choice is a product that will fortify and strengthen the teeth.

Anti-cavity and tarter control toothpastes when used correctly will also work. However, all toothpastes when used as directed will work the same. You have to consider the abrasiveness that they will come with and your personal oral care needs.

In a nutshell, yes, check the tube. If your toothpaste has expired then you need to purchase something that you know will offer all of the benefits it has promised for a healthy smile. You will also want to check the tube for additional things like abrasiveness and oral hygiene promises according to your needs. Expired toothpastes begin to stop working rather quickly after the expiration date.

Remember a healthy mouth is not only important to you as a cosmetic plus, but it is also important to your health. Poor oral health can lead to a number of physical ailments. Just because expired toothpaste won’t make you sick, the poor oral care can lead to conditions that will. Its best to use in date products that work, but are easy on the enamel.