Top 6 things every single gal must experience

All too often we come to as place in our lives where we realize we sacrificed truly living. There is plenty of time for serious commitments later. One of the most fundamental things that we can do is commit to knowing yourself and truly living while you are young. You do not want to find yourself faced with the harsh reality that you are aging and have missed out on many things you wanted to do.

You do not have to be a “good time gal” but you should let your hair down just a bit while you can. Go out with the girls and dance the night away, or escape a bad date with the “fake emergency” method at least once. Fall in love, get your heart broken and fall in love again. Dare to dream, and embrace your failures as great (yet not final) attempts.

Here are 6 things that you really should experience:

Be a serial dater.

Don’t commit until you have swam in the “open waters” of dating. Sure, there are some sharks out there, a few clown fish, but there are also some great catches. How else will you ever know if you settled? While hearing those stories about people marrying their high school sweetheart are awesome, do you ever wonder if those people re truly fulfilled? Do they ever look back on life and wonder what they have missed? If it is meant to be then eventually it will, so do not give up the right to explore your horizons for fear of loosing “the one”. As a matter of fact, dating others may be the only true way of knowing that they are “the one”. Anyways, you have to get your heart broken at least once so that you can truly appreciate what a powerful force love truly is.

Live alone at least once

Shacking up is not advised, but it is common. Still, if you have a live in roommate or romantic partner how will you ever know how liberating living alone can be. You should have a space at least once in your life where it is totally acceptable to walk around stark naked while eating a string cheese. Living alone offers an independence and confidence that is unparalleled to any other experience, so own it. Sing old Eagles songs in the shower, and use the bathroom with your door wide open. Leave the dishes till morning or toss those undies on the floor till you get around to picking them up. Get a cat. No one can judge you for it.

Have a romantic fling or two.

It is ok to check out your options. Never settle, and never wonder if you settled. Dating is great, but have a “no strings attached” fling or two at least once or twice. Be safe of course, but live free. Be young. When you face turning 40 you’ll be glad you had the experience.

Even if its not out of the country

Get in your car and make a road trip totally spontaneously. Don’t plan it, but go with the moment and have an adventure. If you truly can afford it going to an exotic place or a resort can be a lot of fun too.

Conquer a fear and face challenges courageously.

Conquer your fears. This is especially true if they hinder you in any way. Get out of your comfort zones and live out loud. Do not be a victim of oppression through fear. Dream big and dare to reach out for those dreams despite fears that you may have standing in front of you. Take necessary risks, and you will be shocked at how much you gain from those things as an individual internally and externally as well.

Who we are greatly comes down to what we have allowed ourselves to become in life. All of these things come together on the amazing journey of self discovery, and you will have a stronger, happier life when you are ready to settle down later on in life. Do not be an “I wish I had” person, but be an “I’m so glad I did that” person instead. All of these things help you know who you are, what you want and where you want to go. Without them there will always be that inkling of “what if.”