Top 5 Ways To Plump Up Your Lips

plump  up your lips

Who doesn’t want Angelina Jolie’s amazing lips? Men see plump lips as kissable and approachable. For those that do not have the genetic features related to big lips, there are a number of ways to reach the desired look without spending tons of money on an injection. Take the time to learn these tips and apply them to your everyday life. Your lips will be looking plumper sooner than you think!

Lip Color

The right kind of lip color draws attention to that part of your face and extenuates the natural curve of your lips. Reds are a must when deciding what color to wear. However, beware of the wrong shades of red. Different skin tones mean different kinds of red. For example, paler and more subtle skin tones require a bright red, but not such a bright red that it sticks out too much. Make sure to find the right balance between being too soft and too bright. For darker skinned people, darker reds are acceptable. Other colors, such as hot pinks and dark magentas are good options as well. Even the right kind of nude or taupe color can make your lips look bigger.

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Keep those Lips Looking Luscious!

Keep applying that lip balm! Healthy lips are plumper lips. Dead skin or scarring on the lips can be solved with a quick swipe on the lips with some medicated lip sticks. Do this constantly throughout the day. Pretty soon, it will become a habit. Your lips will thank you. Dry lips appear flatter and duller. Always be sure to take proper care of your lips.

Never Been Kissed

Just as working the muscles in your legs or arms strengthen those body parts, toning your lip muscles is just as important. Flexing and working those lip muscles is a must. Kissing is an excellent way to work your lips into shape. If you don’t have a partner or someone you can kiss nearby, kiss the mirror, or the wall, or your pillow! Not only do those kisses make your lips plumper, but they also give you practice for the real deal!

Natural Remedies

The right natural ingredients provide essential nutrients and permanent fixes to all of your lip problems. Cinnamon, olive oil, and vitamin E are all natural remedies for plumper lips. Mix all of them together in a bowl to make a paste, even, and apply it to your lips. Over time, these natural fixes will make your lips say thank you.

Lip Liner and Lip Gloss

Outlining your lips gives the appearance of fuller lips, as does making your lips shine with some lip gloss. Bold lip liners and affordable lip glosses at your local convenience store will easily do the trick. Shimmering lip gloss adds sparkle and an extra something to your lips as well. You can also add clear lip gloss over lip color to get that wow look.

Plump lips often do not come naturally. They take work and extra effort in the makeup department to make them this way. Knowing the right techniques, though, is the first step to plumper lips.