Trying To Get Into That Dress? Are Wedding Diets Healthy!


Your wedding day is around the corner and you have picked up a few extra pounds, so now what? Which diets are healthy that has the most weight loss in the shortest time? Are there even such a thing? As if you do not have enough to deal with your body is also now working against you, how can this be happening?

 Let’s have a look at healthy ways to fit into that perfect dress!

There are a number of diets on the market and all claiming to be healthy but in fact most of them are not. Thus to lose weight quickly and stay healthy might seem like an impossible task to accomplish, but do not despair as there are ways to achieve your goals. All diets tell you to do is eat healthy and exercise regularly, well there is no better way to stay slim, but we all know that with a looming wedding, weight is sure to find you so what should you try to stick to?

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SAMPLING – Preparing for a wedding includes multiple foods like dinners with family, lunches with friends in addition to all the sampling that goes along with getting the food set for your big day. Eating breakfast is the most important meal of your day, make it a healthy one! When going out for lunch or dinner don’t overdo the drinks and desserts. Stay as far as possible away from junk food as you will be consuming a wide variety of other foods during this time. When going for the sampling tests at the chosen caterers DO NOT have more than one bite of each dish, one is enough to make a decision! If you know you are going to have to sample all the sweet dishes or deserts lay off sugar filled foods and drinks for a couple of days prior and after the tasting.

EXERCISE – Yes, your time is limited as the planning takes precedence but doing a few quick exercises is important to keep the extra weight from attacking you. Look at it from a different point of view and make an appointment with your exercise program if you have to, just fit it in during your day! Try walking to some of your other appointments or invite your friends for a jog in the park with a light picnic afterwards instead of going out for lunch.

STRESS – Do not allow the stress to get the better of you; try to focus only on one thing at a time and complete it before moving to the next task. Try not to linger on the stuff you are not busy with and get enough sleep. Sleep is extremely important as it helps your body recover from the day’s activities. Drink enough water to assist your body in its natural detoxing process. Do not allow yourself to get hungry as stress and hunger creates a creature of another standing within oneself. Try keeping healthy snacks at hand as well as a stress ball. Try doing regular breathing exercises when you feel you might lose it.

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Goals – Set goals for yourself, always keep in mind your goals for your special day! Before eating that big piece of pie think of what it will do to your body. It you wake up tired and decide to skip your morning exercise routine, consider the consequences. It is your LIFE and also your choice what you do but if you really want it to turn out the way you planned, stick to your goals.


It is not wise to grab at the quickest diet or extreme exercise routines as these could have an unhealthy impact on your life, so plan ahead and keep to a healthy living.