Uh hmm! Just Keep it to Yourself: Things Men Don’t Want to Know About

You may want to share all your dirty secrets with you beau but he may think otherwise. There are some things that men don’t want to know about, regardless of how close you are with each other. For some men, it can ruin the allure and mystique of a woman. To men, women are beautiful and mysterious creatures and many don’t that mystery to be revealed. Here are some of the things men don’t want to know about.

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Anything about feminine hygiene. Begin talking about your period and you’ll catch many men running for the hills. While they have no problem going to the store to pick up your tampons or pads, they don’t want to hear the gruesome details. All they need to know is that you don’t feel well and sex may be on hold for the week.

Unnecessary girl drama. If your circle of friends is having some drama, he doesn’t want to know all about it. You can give him the general idea of what’s going on, especially if you want to get some advice from him but spare him all the minute details. He’ll just end of tuning most of it out. Guys don’t like drama and prefer to not hear about it unless he has to.

How many men hit on you while you were out. Sure there can be a funny story or two that occurs when a man tries to mack it to you, but you don’t need to detail every time a man asks you for your digits. This is especially true if you know your guy is the jealous type. If it’s harmless flirting it’s best to just leave things be, enjoy the attention, and just move on.

The gritty details of your past sexual relationships. Unless he asks, spare him the details of your wild sexual adventures before you met. If you volunteer the information, you can quickly make things awkward. He may start comparing himself to your past lovers and wonders if he’s up to par. Again, you don’t need to give every detail but be honest if you are asked.

Don’t let him know that you poop. Seriously. Even if you are comfortable with bathroom humor and he farts in the same room as you, this is something you just don’t share. If you do have to relieve yourself just state you have to go to the bathroom and nothing else.

Your grooming routine. Plucking your eyebrows? Wax your lip? Bleach your bikini area? These all things he does not wish to know about. He’s perfectly content believing this is what you look like 24/7. He doesn’t have to know you shave the arm off of your hair every other day to keep them smooth.

If you’ve ever faked an orgasm with him. If you never want him to doubt his manhood or your word, don’t tell him you’ve faked an orgasm to end a sex romp early. It’s a slippery slope that you should not go down. Regardless of your reasoning, just keep it to yourself.