Ways to dress an hourglass shape

Beyonce, J-Lo, and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the women who have popularized the hour glass shape. Instead of paying for a nip and tuck women are paying to have fat added to certain parts of their body to get that hourglass shape. If like myself you were born bootylicious, you probably find it annoying that it’s taken celebrities to make a body type that you have been carrying since time immemorial socially acceptable but hey, better late than never I suppose. So now that curves are in fashion, you probably want to show them off, keep reading to find out how.


Let’s start here first; the whole idea of dressing up your hourglass figure is to highlight your curves. You want to pull your waist in and lift up your boobs and bum. A supportive bra is essential, when wearing dresses, opt for a figure hugging body suit so pull in your midsection. For your panties, opt for a high waist, this will lengthen your legs and position the thinnest part of your waist at the center of your torso.

Tailor Your Clothes

If you can sow that’s great, but if not take a trip to the tailors and get all your clothes nipped in at the waist. Everything from your button-up blouses to your loose fitted t-shirts. Tailoring your outfits slim down the waist which emphasizes your figure.

Low Necklines

Shop for narrow necklines such as scoop necks, sweethearts, v-neck halters and v-necks. This will create the illusion of a slimmer bust giving you a balanced look. A low neckline draws attention to your narrow waist. Stay away from wide necklines such as squares and boat necks because they make you appear top heavy. You should also avoid high necklines such as turtlenecks because they will draw attention away from the waist.

Don’t Overdo it

The hourglass figure naturally draws a lot of attention so there is no need to add extra accessories to your outfits. You should avoid bows, ruffles and frills as well as smocks, batwing sleeves and big belts just keep it simple and you’ll still look smashing!

Jackets and Coats

When searching for your perfect jacket or coat to suit your hourglass figure, simplicity is key. Avoid pocket detailing and over accentuated shoulders. If you are 5 feet tall and under stick to jackets that end at the hips, and regardless of height stick to fitted styles that follow the natural contour of your body and stay away from bulky jackets that hide your shape. When it comes to your jacket, your shape will do the talking just make sure that you find one that is the right size and fit and that nips in and out in all the right places.


The best skirt for the hourglass figure is a pencil skirt; they cling to your shape drawing attention to your waist and your nice round derriere.

If you are a bit on the short side, wear a ¾ length skirt or a knee length skirt with a slit up the back to make you appear taller.

A-line skirts are also great for the hourglass figure, just make sure it is fitted around the waist and hip area and that it doesn’t flare out too much.

Regardless of your height it is important that you avoid wearing skirts that end at the largest part of your legs whether on the calves or the thighs. This will make you appear wider and shorter than you actually are.


Jeans with a small cut waist are perfect for the hourglass figure; this provides a fitted look around the hip and waste area. Stretch denim jeans are also great providing comfort and movement for the shapely figure without looking bulky or tight.

Boot cut, wide leg or flared jeans will balance out your hips. Tailored jeans will lift up your booty and make your legs look longer especially when worn with heels.

Avoid wearing jeans with pockets around the hips or belts, such accessories will make you appear bigger than you are.


When it comes to dresses the hourglass shape has been blessed with the best! Your shape is already in proportion which means you can just about wear any dress you want. The area you need to be mindful of is avoiding over embellished and beaded dresses. They will make you appear bigger than you are as well as create an unbalanced look to your shape.


Unfortunately hourglass shaped women are used to hiding their figures, well now it’s time to show it off! When it comes to choosing a bikini you need to understand what parts of your body you should be drawing attention to.

Bandeau, high waist and block color is ideal for maximizing your curves. If you have bigger busts and need extra support, not to worry there are adjustable straps on the bandeau top.