Ways to look beautiful in glasses

Woman wearing glasses

Wearing glasses is not what it used to be back in the early 90’s. Whether you were just a child or a teenager back then, you remember for sure how mean kids would make fun of kids wearing glasses. They would call them nerds, geeks, four-eyes, etc. And for the most part (lets be real), they weren’t the most popular kids at school.

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Something that didn’t help was the hideous glass frames that were available back then. I mean, its like they were designed to look bad. But that’s all in the past my gals. Nowadays wearing glasses and looking fab is possible! There are literally a billion things you can do to look beautiful wearing your glasses. Take note!

Choose your frames according to your face shape. Determine your face shape (round, square, oval, heart, etc), then choose the right frames for you. There are a bunch of face shape guides for glasses online so you can choose the frames that highlight and compliment your facial features.

Frame colors that match your skin tone. Many people think that your frames need to match your hair color or your eye color. And yes, they can. But if you have your skin tone in mind when choosing your frames, you will find that certain colors really play up your overall appearance, and that the frame color is just as important as the shape!

Don’t skip eye makeup. When you HAVE to wear glasses, you can feel a bit discouraged and think that wearing eye makeup is a waste of time since it wont even show under your glasses. But this is no not true! There are certain tips and tricks you can follow so your eyes look gorgeous even when you are wearing your glasses. Like doing your brows, applying mascara only on the tips of the lashes, not going too heavy on the eye shadows among others. Again, there are a lot of these tips on the web.

Choose the perfect hairstyle. Some hairstyles go better with glasses than others, so make sure you try some hairstyles that make you look chic. For example a high bun is going to make you look neat and interesting. Bangs can really compliment your look as well. And believe it or not, short hairstyles go amazing with almost all kinds of glasses.

Be confident. You can follow all the tips above and you will look absolutely fantastic. But if you don’t feel gorgeous only because you have to wear glasses, all the tips and tricks in the world wont help you. Don’t feel self-conscious, this is the time to rock those glasses. A lot of famous people who are considered attractive wear their glasses everywhere (think Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway). And 2016 is the year to be geeky-chic.

That is it! Try on different frame shapes and colors. Try different eye makeup and hairstyles and choose the ones you like the best. And above all, be confident. You are beautiful with or without glasses!