What are the Sexual Side Effects of a Partial Hysterectomy?

Sexual Side Effects of a Partial Hysterectomy

When a doctor is briefing a woman about the likely complications of partial hysterectomy, the effects that it may have on her sex life must be included. Most doctors forget to talk about this yet it is very important. They tend to focus more on warning the patients to be on the watch out for signs or symptoms of infection or hemorrhaging as they recovery from the surgical procedure. Because of this reason, the patients may not even realize that   the development of sexual problems later in life is because of the surgery.

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Here below are some of the possible sexual side effects of partial hysterectomy.


The libido which causes sexual desire in women may seriously diminish after the surgical procedure. In most cases, the condition is so severe to the extent that the woman does not feel any desires for sex.



Most women complain that their levels of arousal decrease after this surgical procedure. As you may be ware, you cannot enjoy sex unless you are sexually aroused; when it lacks you may have sex life that you do not enjoy.



Orgasm is the pint in sex whereby a woman needs to ejaculate. It is the climax of the sweetness and splendor of sex. Women who have undergone partial hysterectomy procedure have complained or less satisfactory orgasm, or inability to orgasm at all. This occurs because the uterus that remains (if portion of it is removed) cannot contract or generate the required orgasm during sexual intercourse. The condition may be worse if the whole of uterus is removed possibly together with the cervix.


Painful sexual intercourse:

If some potion ore tissue of the vagina were removed during the surgical procedure, the woman whom the procedure was performance on may experience pains during sexual intercourse.


Dryness of the vagina:

Partial hysterectomy is associated with the onset of early menopausal symptoms one of them being dryness of the vagina. This dryness develops because of decrease in the levels of estrogen hormone which causes secretion of the fluids that lubricate the vagina. Some women have complained of vaginal bleeding or development of vaginal lesions after sexual intercourse. All this happens because of the dryness of the vaginal walls.


Self image:

After this surgical procedure, some women may develop the feeling that they are less feminine or that they are no longer desirable since they have lost the capability of getting pregnant and carrying baby in their womb. Because of this side effect, there is need of subjecting women who have undergone or are about to undergo partial hysterectomy in to counseling. The patients should be counseled to accept things the way they are and move on with their lives.

In conclusion, there are many sexual side effects of partial hysterectomy that the patients should be aware of. Although not all the patients experience these side effects, chances are that they may happen. Your doctor or physician will help you to manage these symptoms and to prevent further progression of the complications of the condition.