What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

tooth discolor

Tooth discoloration can really be devastating to the individual who suffers with this problem. It cannot even be understood as to the effects it has on someone unless it has been experienced. Oral hygiene and the appearance of a person’s teeth actually has a huge impact on their life, and this is extended far beyond self-esteem alone.

The teeth can easily become discolored by a number of things including medications, stains, diet and improper oral care just to name some. Whether you are dealing with extrinsic discoloration that takes place on the outer layer or intrinsic discoloration taking place inside the teeth you will want to finds answers and hopefully solutions, and that is what we are here to help you with. Worst case scenario you may have to consult your dentist to see what procedures are available in your case if you are dealing with internal issues.

Your dentist can look into a number of things to decide what ailment is causing your teeth to become discolored. Things like fluoride exposure, antibiotic usage and trauma in early childhood as well as prior permanent tooth damages, birth condition, oral care, age and the like. Any related symptoms will also need to be evaluated, and seeing a dentist before diagnosing or treating your own discoloration is important for your wellbeing as a whole. After all, oral health is about so much more than a pretty smile. Anyways, diagnosis is done by a simple look over in most cases, so it is painless.

You may find that you need a professional cleaning to remove the stains, or there may be some whitening that you can do at home. Many dentists wont volunteer home whitening products, but if ask they will refer you to some great brands.

Sometimes tooth discoloration is as simple as an infection or your environment. Still, you will never know for sure without a proper diagnosis. Maybe there is an inherited disease that you are unaware of that leaves room for treatable things like discoloration, but if you do not get the treatments in time the effects could be irreversible. Again, the help of a professional as soon as the discoloration is noticed may be viral to the teeth’s appearance, your oral health and ultimately to your overall health.

Finding out what is the basic underlying cause of teeth discolorations is the place to start. Again, it could be a number of things. Try using whitening toothpastes, kits, rinses and cutting back on dyed, acidic and dark beverages unless using a straw. Brush after meals and at least 2 times every day. Try also using a 3% hydrogen peroxide rinse before brushing. Mixing the 3% hydrogen peroxide with baking soda once a week to make a paste and brushing with that can also help out a whole lot.

Most people will look at the teeth’s being discolored immediately as poor hygiene. There are a lot of jobs that won’t hire someone with poor oral health, and some people shun these suffering with teeth discoloration issues. It is sad but it is true. No matter how bad your problems are though you can get a solution through a professional even if they are simply telling you what the best over the counter products will be for you.