What Does Great Sex Mean to Men?

To a man the myths that are constantly circulating about them and their sexual prowess can be quite frustrating and annoying because the majority of them are simply highly exaggerated. Most men are not just looking to hit it and quit it, even though it’s nice they honestly don’t need a woman for that because the left hand and some lube will do the trick if you must know. Neither is it the thrill of the chase and neither is it the innate desire to make as many mini versions of themselves as possible before they die. If these are not the real reasons as to why men appear to love great sex, then what are they?

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They Don’t Need it All the Time

A part of having great sex for a man is being with a woman who understands that they don’t need to have sex five times a day. Men and women think that men are supposed to want to have sex all the time. The truth of the matter is that men just think that they want to have sex all the time and so they take it when it’s offered because they don’t want to appear less masculine by saying no. Also when a man says no, women tend to assume that there is something wrong when nothing’s wrong they just don’t feel like having sex at that instant.


Even the most macho of men are constantly tormented by self doubt when it comes to their sexual performance. They crave to hear a woman say they were good in bed and without that reassurance they feel as if they haven’t performed well. This can be crippling for a man’s self esteem. To a man, great sex is hearing those beloved words after orgasm collapsed in a woman’s arms “you were awesome.”

It’s About Power

The assumption is that men watch porn just so they can get off, when the reality is that they watch it to get tips. Men like to dominate their women sexually, they want to be the one who makes a woman completely loose her mind during sex, forget her name, scream his name and just drown in an ocean of ecstasy. When a man is able to have that kind of control over a woman in the bedroom they love it.

It Makes Them Feel Loved

Now this one is a bit deep so brace yourself. If you have ever wondered what men experience during sex here’s some inside information. The majority of women assume that it’s just the release and the pleasure, but men’s emotions are deeply connected to their sexual experience. Research has found that there is a strong connection to sex and emotions and that without it a man won’t feel as if he’s completely loved by his spouse.

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Women typically have insecurities about their appearance and whether or not their man would prefer someone who looked like someone who just stepped off the cover of a magazine. Men also have deep insecurities about whether or not they are desirable to their partners. Women feel validated when their partner says he loves them, or holds their hand in public. To a man sex makes him feel desired and wanted by the woman he’s with. Sex means more to a man than hearing his partner say she loves him.

Even if his life might not be where he wants it to be, when a man has regular sex it makes him feel as if he is winning.


A lot of men describe sex with their partners as the most therapeutic activity they can participate in after a hard day at work. It enables them to cope with anything that might be stressing them out at that moment in time.

Men typically find it easier to express their love physically which is one of the main reasons they can get so flustered when trying to plan a romantic surprise.

Spending the night in bed with your man will make him feel as if he’s floating on air the following day. He will be in such a good mood he will be acting as if he’s won the lottery when the reality is that he had great sex the night before.

When She Says Yes Every Time

When a man approaches his woman for sex he is making himself vulnerable to the person that he has feelings for. As we have already discussed sex isn’t just about a physical release to a man it’s strongly attached to his emotions. When you say “no” to your man even though you might have a legitimate reason for it he feels wounded and rejected. The ease in which you can resist your partner can make him feel as if you don’t desire him. However, when you say “yes” any time he wants sex you are telling him you love him, you want him and that you find him attractive.