What is Self Heating Face Masks: How do they work?

You’re at the spa, and the esthetician reads off a list of facial application options. You pretend you know what she’s talking about, and say, “the first one.”

With eyes closed, reclined back in the large, padded chair, you feel her controlled application of the deep red cream. And as she pats and massages it into your face, you feel it start to heat up. It’s not burning, but heating, and you can’t help but like it.

The experience of applying, enjoying, and later admiring the effects of a self-heating face mask is much more pleasant than you might realize. If the idea so much as intrigues you just a little, the luxurious experience of the heat bouncing up from your skin and back from the cream will surprise you.

How do self-heating face masks work?

As soon as you put the mushy mask on your fingers, you will feel it start to heat. Self-heating masks actually have a chemical reaction with the water in your skin. By throwing more water on them as you work them in, you can turn the heat up even more.

Self-heating face masks are applied just the same as other masks, and worn for a similar amount of time. As they heat they do became a little thinner, and because they get hotter with more moisture they tend to melt off a little once very hot. Facial masks are all about putting a goo on your face, though, so it’s a small price to pay if self-heating masks get a little gooier at the end.

It’s been said more than once that self-heating face masks are almost like nacho cheese in thickness and heat, but in texture they have a slick feel (instead of sticky).

Self-heating masks are made with clays, and include aromatherapy oils and plant extracts as well.

If masks all do about the same thing, why use a self-heating one?

Aromatherapy oils and plant extracts…that sounds roughly like every other mask on the market. Outside of the pleasant warmth of self-heating masks, why use them over other mask types?

Heat opens pores, and no face mask will cleanse skin like a self-heating mask. With skin made up of seven distinct layers, it is almost impossible to get skin to absorb all the nutrient goodies in other masks. But with self-heating clays, your skin is more easily permeated and soaks up the vitamins and extracts.

People say they feel cleaner and their skin softer after using a self-heating mask. This can be backed scientifically—with the pores opening up even more under the heat, more dirt and sluff can be cleaned out. You most certainly will feel cleaner! And softer skin is the result of increased blood flow, which gives you healthier, softer skin in an instant.

If you suffer from acne, you probably haven’t thought about a mask that doesn’t have an acne-fighting ingredient in it (which, let’s be honest, is a little oxymoronic in a moisturizing mask).

If you are prone to blemishes, self-heating masks can be the cure-all. By opening up pores and permeating all seven layers of the skin, you can clean out that acne-causing bacteria better than ever. The heat and increased blood flow also bring blood to the points of infection (that is, to your pimples) so that they heal faster.

Have your cake and eat it too.

After you enjoy the heat of a self-heating mask you might never look back. The relaxation these masks provides is nothing to be scoffed at. For all the benefits from general hygiene to overall beauty, these masks are also divine form an emotional perspective. No facial could be more relaxing once you’ve discovered self-heating masks.

Back to anyone with acne, you may not have known it, but your skin really can be soft again. You can have your spa experience and clean your face better than ever with a self-heating mask, and the best part will be when you see the effect in your complexion. Buy a box of these masks and you can establish a routine that will keep you acne-free forever.

The final touch after enjoying the luxury of a self-heating mask is to rinse your face off with cold water. Having opened your skin up and soaked those goodies in so deep, by rinsing with cold water you seal them right back up, trapping in those vitamins and moisture. You also close pores tightly up to anything else getting in.

Self-heating face masks have a unique design, and are so pleasant on first try that you might wonder why it took so long for the world to create such a product. The immediate results will be rosy cheeks and skin so soft you’ll hardly recognize the touch. The long-term results are healthier skin—plus some built-in relaxation time.